Apr 12

(Spidey)Baby Got Back

Posted by Nanc

I like big butts (and I cannot lie), but this is ridiculous

Besides the cute bunnies in our back yard, this vision accosted us last weekend.

a side view confirms my guess

Frightening, no? What’s more scary is that I was able to quickly recognize that it was the derriere of spandex-clad Pete. (Sshh – his identity is a secret.)

And no. It didn’t make my spidey senses tingle, or anything else for that matter. (Of course, it might have been a different story had we got a chance to romp around in this play set.)

3 Responses to “(Spidey)Baby Got Back”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    Sometimes I am scared for you…

  2. Petra Says:

    I love me some Toby McGuire butt… Oh, wait, that’s not the same thing.

  3. Lara Says:

    Do the screaming kiddos come standard with that bounce house?

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