May 17

No words can really explain the image you’re about to see. I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh. And that’s even without going THERE.

In honor of the 3rd/6th S.W. movie coming out this week, I bring you the Han Solo pickle. Frozen in time, what ghastly horrors will we find as we defrost this hero of the sandwich world?

the Titanic pickle

Okay, really what happened was that I had one lone, sad, ginormous pickle left (from an equally ginormous, warehouse-shopping-club sort of jar). I couldn’t leave this solo (see?) pickle to it’s own devices, yet sadly I couldn’t let nature take it’s course either. (By that, I mean eat it all in a hungry, pickle frenzy.) So I placed this pickle safe in some un-Tupperware, cozy in it’s own juices, in the back of the fridge for a day soon to come.

Not a few days later when I reach for it (to top tasty Cheeseburger Casserole – remind me to post the recipe), I find a tragedy had occurred in the depths of mine Frigidaire. The pickle had been partially frozen in carboni… okay, in ice. Pickle-juice ice!

What fate was the pickle given in these last, icy moments? Why a bit of humiliation before finding out that frozen pickle tastes like butt. (No. I’ve never “tasted” butt. It’s an expression. Move on.)

From the picture above, you can see that the pickle has received it’s last rights, or at least a thumbs up, from Buddy Christ. For a little more of a bizarre, slightly more phallic picture, click here.

That’s all I got to say about that.

7 Responses to “I don’t know what to say”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    Ummm….Yep, I got nothing.

  2. Nanc Says:

    Huh? Really? You’ve got *nothing* to say about these pictures? Not one comment or inuendo?

  3. Aubyn Says:

    I am stunned by p-la’s silence but i think that would be a great practice toolc

  4. Lara Says:

    “It burst into flames! …It’s fire and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, the humanity, and all the passengers screaming around here!”
    It’s the Hindenburg on ice – The hindenburg is the new Titanic…sorta like pink is the new orange.
    Ok, ok, your blog, your rules. So it’s Titanic. Not the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria either. Real Titanic or Hollywood Titanic? If Buddy Christ is present I would assume Hollywood…so…WHERE’S Leonardo?

    P.S. Like AubN needs ANY friggin’ practice. there she goes again tryin to fool us into thinkin she’s a spring chicken.

  5. vaxGirl Says:

    By the expression on Buddy Christ’s face, I’d say he seems to be enjoying it a bit too much…

  6. Michelle Says:

    BL! (That’s a belly laugh.) It’s the first pickle erection I’ve ever seen! And hopefully the last….

  7. Your Secret Pal Says:

    *lmao* That just made my day. I suppose you could hand it off to the local high school for condom rolling practice.