Jun 12

Sock Aquatic

Posted by Nanc

This weekend provided me with gobs of time to work on my socks. (I’m certain that “gob” is the accurate and scientific unit of measurement for time, although I’m unclear how many ‘gobs’ I had/used/spent.) My mood was anything but pleasant on Saturday, so I took myself out of the populous (for their own good) and only tortured Bonez. That, and it was too hot to even consider looking outside, let alone baring my pale flesh to the sun’s scorching rays.

No, not the most exciting or adventurous weekend we’ve had, but no sunburn or deaths, so life is good. Happy TV time (Buffy, AOTS, and a movie) provided me with hours of knittin’ time and I made good use of it.

hello fishies!

Of course, I’ve got two socks on the needles right now so there’s not one single item done, but progress was achieved. I’ve turned the heel, worked the gusset, and am nearing the toe decreases on my first Citrus sock. Yay! Never mind that it’s an anklet and therefore there’s nearly nothing but the foot. Unless you’re going to start knitting me socks I don’t care to hear it.

The pattern I’m using for my Citrus Socks is Straight-Laced from Knit Socks!, but I didn’t add the novelty, fur yarn and (as noted previously) I’m making them as anklets. Bonez’s socks are also from this book and are the Classy Slip-Up pattern. I’m currently shin-deep in the leg of the sock and enjoying the pattern and the striping.

blurry IN the tank = fish; blurry OUTSIDE the tank = sock

My sock knitting may have improved this weekend, but apparently my ability to take a good photo has left me. I sincerely apologize for these poor pix: I thought I was being clever – posing the socks in front of our two aquariums and fishies, but I was not. And where a sane person may retake the pix and make use of the ‘macro’ feature on the camera… um, yeah. So I cropped what I could in Photoshop and promise that there will be more-better fotos to come.

2 Responses to “Sock Aquatic”

  1. mk Says:

    Girl – I like the citrus socks! Nice pattern. I like Matty’s socks too, but I’m partial to girlie socks.

    I am further along on the size 11 socks. I had tons of wash and filing and organizing to do this weekend; so, the knitting has been lower on the priority list. (Shh – don’t tell the knitting police.) I hope to remedy that situation tomorrow, since all the chores will be done, and I will be free to play all week. Wheeee! Except for when I have to work. Booo!

  2. Secret Pal Says:

    The citrus sock pic looks like that wee goldie fish is eating your sock. Or sniffing it, or something. Lookin’ good though! 🙂

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