Jun 13


Posted by Nanc

Isn’t it just swell? I mean, gosh-golly, the Clapotis was finished weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to posting pix. Sheesh – I can be so square sometimes.

So here’s a pick of my Clapotis in my neighbor’s peach tree. Why a peach tree? Well, despite my dislike of peaches (prior to the recent mowing over of ripe fruit that has fallen to the ground – eww), the color was too sweet (yes – that’s a pun) to pass up. I don’t believe that the neighbors saw us. Phew.

Don’t taint my knitting with YOUR dirty mind!

This is the Clapotis wrap from Knitty. It was knit with a mystery yarn purchased from eBay about 1 1/2 years ago of unknown fiber. (Sometimes it takes a while for the yarn to find its matched pattern. Don’t question it.) The yarn is a great orangey color with a brassy kind of sheen.

As it sat marinating in my stash, I knew that I needed to make something for my cousin AnnMarie with this yarn. I looked at scarves and shrugs and all the typical patterns, but none of it seemed right. And then the Clapotis was everywhere! Everyone was making it and they were all gorgeous. Although I didn’t have the required yardage, I knew I wanted to make it. So it’s a bit shorter than other Claps, but I don’t think it minds.

So I finally finished the Clapotis. And I took a purty picture. Now if only I could mail it off to my “cuz’n”… Oh sweet procrastination. You’re not so keen, my friend. Not so peachy-keen at all.

5 Responses to “Peachy-keen!”

  1. Erica Says:

    C’mon, you know that it sounds like an STD.

    Love the color and love the picture though!

  2. Petra Says:

    That’s a great picture! I love it on the peach tree… you’re so pun-y!

  3. Secret Pal Says:

    Procrastination is why you don’t have a package yet. I’m a slacker, give me a break. At least I’ve got stuff to send instead of having NOTHING!

  4. AnnMarie Says:

    Hey, cuz! i just hopped on your blog and saw your cool clopomatic knitting. its so nice of you to think of me when you are knitting STDs…wait….is that a good thing????…is that even a real word?
    love you

  5. Michelle Says:

    Don’t you feel guilty at all about giving someone an STD? It is lovely. I would wear mine all the time if I had anything it matched.

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