Jun 30

Sock’s big adventure

Posted by Nanc

Matty came home to me and the sock, Citrus2. We (yes, the sock and I) met him at the airport and flung, well… made our way to greet him with a warm embrace. (No, you do not need to know more than that. And no, the sock really wasn’t involved in this part. But I’m just lettin’ y’all know that Bonez was more-than-warmly welcomed home. ‘nuf said.)

But like most socks, waiting for planes to arrive, people to deplane, and luggage to arrive makes for a lot of waiting. And waiting. How do you keep a sock from being bored? Ah, the adventures of a young sock.

I tried to keep Citrus2 occupied by actually knitting on it. But soon enough I had moved past the hastily written pattern notes* that I brought and found myself in limbo land.

Citrus2 was too excited to meet Matt to lie calmly in the ziplock bag. (The sibling sock, Citrus1, was mid-foot when Matty left. Citrus2 had heard so much about this swell guy.) Out and about, the sock was. Zooming through the illogical, loitering traffic. (Why must people mill about and stand zombie-like in all the passage areas? My g*d, folks, there’s a large, pasture-sized space just a few feet away where you won’t be interrupted and asked to move every 37 seconds! And then when the luggage DOES start up, one of you from your party can easily glide in, grab bags [not ass], and slide back out again. No one wants your crap luggage anyways, freak!)

A-hem. Sorry ’bout that.

Citrus2 lurves the shiny rides!

Anyways, Citrus2 found a bit of fun on an empty baggage carousel. There was a close call when the cast one string got mighty close to being pinched in this metal circle o’ death. But luckily quick thinking and quick reflexes saved Citrus2 from a horrible fate.

We’re all happy and safe back home. Both Matty and Citrus2 enjoyed their outings, but are glad to return to my warm embrace. (The term “embrace” here is used with two widely different meanings and contexts. Leave it at that.) Matty is bubbling up with all bits of info and stories from Flint-town, while the sock is nearing its completion. Good times.

* Typically, I don’t copy a pattern, but simply keep the book with me. It’s small and not usually an issue. But I wanted to bring very little with me to the airport – the baggage is already a mess, why add to it? So I wrote notes on a slip of paper to get me through the heel and gusset. Obviously that wasn’t enough to occupy all the waiting involved.

4 Responses to “Sock’s big adventure”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    I’m glad Matty is home and CitrusSock2 got to meet him!!

  2. Aubyn Says:

    i am glad that citrus 1 had such fond memories of matty at such an early age and that it had the wherewithall to inform citrus 2

  3. Petra Says:

    Matty’s home! Matty’s home! YEAH! Glad Citrus 2 didn’t get caught in the bag carousel… people have died on those things ya know.

  4. astreia Says:

    Sounds like a great reunion! Citrus2 has had quite the busy day- must be exhausted by now.

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