Jul 29

Time to get Freaky

Posted by Matty

A favorite long-forgotten movie has recently resurfaced on DVD. I’m gonna guess that you haven’t seen the movie or even heard of it. Click on, because knowing is half the battle.

dialup alert: Thar be lots of images in the article. If ye be a beepity-modem lubber, click the link, take a nap, then come back. Avast!

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Jul 28

I found an old picture of an apartment I lived in when I was wee (wee like young, not wee like pee).

Yeah, I know this is a lame intro, but come inside and see what 10 years will do to a collection.

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Jul 27

My shoes rock!

It’s been a few weeks, but still find myself enamored with a new pair of sneaks that I bought on a whim. I have to restrain from wearing them every single day, and am extra-happy on the days when I allow myself to wear them. Crazy, huh?

Don’t be jealous. I’m sure that you have a neat pair of shoes that make your sole (ha!) smile and heart sing, too. You do, don’t you? If not, what are you waiting for?

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Jul 19

Lookie what I got!

Posted by Nanc

I’m a little late in reporting this to the internets in general, but I got a happy joyful package in the mail last week from my secret pal. (In case you missed it, I’m taking part in Secret Pal 5. There’s even a button:)

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Jul 12

House Drinks

Posted by Nanc and Matty

We know. It’s hot and bright out. The heat saps your energy and the sun? The sun, she causes wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. (Not that they’re noticable on you. YOU look loverly and well-rested.)

So come into the shade, just to cool off and rest a while. Maybe leave when it’s not so hot and blinding out.

Well, since you’re here, can we offer you a beverage? Something nice and refreshing, perhaps with a little bite to it? Oh sure, we have our tasty limeade that will surely quench your thirst. But perhaps I can recommend one of our house drinks instead?

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Jul 12

Today’s thought

Posted by Nanc

Motivation is a most difficult beast to domesticate.

Jul 5

Sunny citrus-y days

Posted by Nanc

In these days of temps over 100 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit for y’all to the North), you thirst for something refreshing and light. It’s too hot to anything really, but sit around with your feet up, fan yourself, and sip on a tall, cool glass of limeade.

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