Aug 30

One Stina Wonder

Posted by Nanc

I’ve got an FO, and that makes me happy!

I finished the one skein wonder for my friend Stina. This is ‘technically’ the second osw I’ve made, but it also confirms that the first one is not going to work. No living human could arrange their torso to comfortably fit into the glittery wonder. (‘Cept him.) I just don’t know if I have the strength in me to knit it again – in that yarn!

But on the positive side, Stina looks fab in her new shrug!
sorry ’bout the pix: forgot camera and only had camera-phone on me




Pattern: Glamprye’s One Skein Wonder
Yarn: Lion Brand CottonEase in Pistachio


As an added bonus to the night… I got to snap a pic of Bethany sporting her new, loooooong scarf! (Again, I apologize for the image’s quality.)

8 Responses to “One Stina Wonder”

  1. Petra Says:

    Oh, those are GREAT! I love FO’s especially the gifty kind when there are big smiles on the recipient’s face. Makes ya wanna knit more presents doesn’t it?

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    good job NanC!

  3. stina Says:

    i have tried it on with no fewer than 4 outfits. it’s incredible with all of them. 🙂 thanks so much, nancy!

  4. Secret Pal Says:

    YAY! It’s cute! I keep seeing the OSW’s around, but I don’t think I’d enjoy wearing one, so I’ll leave it for other people, but Stina looks happy 🙂

  5. mk Says:

    Nanc! Great OSW. Did it take the whole one skein?

  6. aubyn Says:

    i can confirm the pain of the glittery wonder but i am so glad that you tried again and that looks great

  7. Rachel Says:

    That looks awesome Nanc! Great job (and a great modeling job by Stina too!)

  8. Michelle Says:

    I likes! It wouldn’t work on me, but everone’s is so cute. I need to knit one for someone.