Sep 27


Posted by Nanc

jams_2.jpg Part of this healthy breakfast!

Can you say “YUM?” Just imagine… (but don’t close your eyes, ’cause then you couldn’t read this next bit)… warm toasted English muffins, a light schmear of butter (yes, REAL butter!), it’s nooks and crannies filled with ‘Purple Raspberry and Peach’ or ‘Cantaloupe and Apricot’ jams. The burst of flavor! The contrast of crunchy muffin and liquid sweet! As your teeth sink into the warm jam… er, …

Sorry. I think that if I kept going we’d get the wrong kind of crowds here, and nobody wants that. Sticky jam indeed!

These two tasty jams were homemade by Miriam, my Secret Pal (5) and gifted to lil’ ol’ me some time ago. Yeah, I need to post about it, but I’m too busy sinking teeth into jam! They are OMG-tasty. And really quite beautiful – the colors.

Damn. And now I’m hungry. You don’t suppose… naw, I’d end up trying to lick tasty jam goodness off the keyboard, and that’s never the impression you wanna make at work!

Sep 26

Rip! And I think that Schopenhauer was right.

Man, I lurve me some Pal Joey. This is one of those good films/musicals which my father and I share a joy of. As I sat ripping unfinished objects (UFOs) last night, I kept singing this Rita Hayworth song in my head.

Weep… Netflix doesn’t have “Pal Joey” to rent! And I’m sure that I’ve thrown out my Rita Hayworth music tape (‘member those?!). Well, damn.

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Sep 14

Bits and pieces

Posted by Nanc

Although a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I’m not gonna press my luck. I’ve got three pix for y’all!

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Sep 7

Ack! *update*

Posted by Nanc

Rrripppp! Until we meet again.

You commenters were right. Ripping the purse was the right thing to do. So here, my friends, is the remains of the bag. I knit-picked (ha!) at it most of today to figure out all those end and wound the balls. NOW I’ll let it sit and ponder it’s existence before I rework the pattern.

Also in news today: ‘Beef & Lentils” – not tasty. Ucky, in fact. This will become fodder for the humor of our future. They will use the term “Beef & Lentils” in a way that our children’s children (and yours, too) will know that it wasn’t good.

In an effort to save money and time (mostly time) and to use my kitchen gadgets on a regular basis, I’ve decided to try a new crock-pot/slow cooker recipe once a week. The tasty bits will make it into our online recipe collection. The losers will be publicly mocked. (I was really hoping to slide past any losers. Oh, well.) This doesn’t seem to be a good start.

Beef & Lentils. What was I thinking?!

Sep 6


Posted by Nanc

For the love of all that good and holey*, WHY?!

Let me state for the record that I am not a pattern-reader. Oh sure, I know how to read a pattern and follow directions just fine. But I do not possess the talent to simply read some knitting gibberish and innately understand how each stitch works with the others to create the final product. I cannot fathom that finished object without a clever picture or sketch.

And while we’re at it, I really like my instructions to … well, instruct. Give me directions. Tell me when to do what and how. If a certain method of casting on, binding off, or seaming gave you the style shown (IF SHOWN!), then for monkeys’ sake tell us!

All that? Just to prepare you for a sad realization that knocked me for a loop this afternoon.

*In the knitting world, it seems that “holey” would have more influence than “holy” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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Sep 6


Posted by Nanc

Although this post is really giving you nothing (and asking nothing in return, thank you v. much!), it is saying a lot. I’ve got plenty to say, but nothing right now. We’ve been having fun (yay!), been sick (yuck.), been busy, and been all around town. Yet, still I say nothing.

Corn-fused? Yeah, me too. The ‘read more’ section just goes on to talk about more nothing, and when my nothing will change to something for all you dear readers out there.

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Sep 2

PEZ and liquor

Posted by Matty

Two great tastes that taste great together… or not.

For all you know, this could just be a clever way to show you the new PEZ that I’ve gotten lately.

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