Sep 6


Posted by Nanc

Although this post is really giving you nothing (and asking nothing in return, thank you v. much!), it is saying a lot. I’ve got plenty to say, but nothing right now. We’ve been having fun (yay!), been sick (yuck.), been busy, and been all around town. Yet, still I say nothing.

Corn-fused? Yeah, me too. The ‘read more’ section just goes on to talk about more nothing, and when my nothing will change to something for all you dear readers out there.


I’ve been getting some knitting (and ripping) done, so I’ll show you that soon. OH! And my not-so-secret-anymore Secret Pal’s final giftie and reveal has been happily gobbled up – and I’m working on that post.

Plus who’s your favorite Lab Monkey? ME! Nan spends a day-in-the-life of Skittermagoo.

All this and more once I get some writing done. Pppthhtt

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  2. P-la Says:

    well for a lot of nothing, that was something

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