Sep 7

Ack! *update*

Posted by Nanc

Rrripppp! Until we meet again.

You commenters were right. Ripping the purse was the right thing to do. So here, my friends, is the remains of the bag. I knit-picked (ha!) at it most of today to figure out all those end and wound the balls. NOW I’ll let it sit and ponder it’s existence before I rework the pattern.

Also in news today: ‘Beef & Lentils” – not tasty. Ucky, in fact. This will become fodder for the humor of our future. They will use the term “Beef & Lentils” in a way that our children’s children (and yours, too) will know that it wasn’t good.

In an effort to save money and time (mostly time) and to use my kitchen gadgets on a regular basis, I’ve decided to try a new crock-pot/slow cooker recipe once a week. The tasty bits will make it into our online recipe collection. The losers will be publicly mocked. (I was really hoping to slide past any losers. Oh, well.) This doesn’t seem to be a good start.

Beef & Lentils. What was I thinking?!

5 Responses to “Ack! *update*”

  1. chris Says:

    Sorry to hear about the beef/lentils . . . you should have gone OUT to eat after all!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Eager for some of your mre successful crockerpotter recipes…I always have good intentions to put it to use, but no follow through. As the weather turns chilly here in MN, we may pack up the grills and pull out the pot.
    Good luck with the purse–I can imagine it in its glory, and it is good. That reminds me…where is my ugly knit purse, I should use that again…I guess I don’t need to bore you with that query.
    -Rachel “counting down to the February impose on your family trip” E

  3. mk Says:

    Nanc! I love beef and I love lentils – too bad the combo isn’t good. Good luck with the next recipe.


  4. P-la Says:

    How could you possibly think something called LENTIL was going to be good? I mean come ON, what the heck is a LENTIL after all!!!

  5. aubyn Says:

    you were in the middle of a purse crisis you can’t be expected to have known that beef and lentils was going to suck

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