Sep 27


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jams_2.jpg Part of this healthy breakfast!

Can you say “YUM?” Just imagine… (but don’t close your eyes, ’cause then you couldn’t read this next bit)… warm toasted English muffins, a light schmear of butter (yes, REAL butter!), it’s nooks and crannies filled with ‘Purple Raspberry and Peach’ or ‘Cantaloupe and Apricot’ jams. The burst of flavor! The contrast of crunchy muffin and liquid sweet! As your teeth sink into the warm jam… er, …

Sorry. I think that if I kept going we’d get the wrong kind of crowds here, and nobody wants that. Sticky jam indeed!

These two tasty jams were homemade by Miriam, my Secret Pal (5) and gifted to lil’ ol’ me some time ago. Yeah, I need to post about it, but I’m too busy sinking teeth into jam! They are OMG-tasty. And really quite beautiful – the colors.

Damn. And now I’m hungry. You don’t suppose… naw, I’d end up trying to lick tasty jam goodness off the keyboard, and that’s never the impression you wanna make at work!

6 Responses to “YUM!”

  1. aubyn Says:

    i love jam and english muffins-i am soooo jealous

  2. Rachel Says:


  3. chris Says:

    Mmmmmmmmm . . . jammmmmm. Those jams look absolutely yummilicious.

  4. P-la Says:

    I’ll be right over!!!

  5. Miriam Says:

    hehe. I’m glad you like them! My sister started eating the Purple Raspberry and Peach Jam on EVERYTHING! I’m talkin’ omlets and ham! And eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon.


  6. Bot-Gurl Says:

    your muffin looks especially scrumptious gentle lady

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