Oct 2

Exciting News!

Posted by Matty

There is a new member of our family. More info and pictures inside. Do not look unless you can handle a boatload of cute. If you get woozy from too much cute, do not look at the pictures while operating heavy machinery.

Banned in 16 countries– too cute!

If you had asked me last week if I ever thought we would add another animal to our angry cat menagerie, I would have answered immediately, “nah, nah, heck nah.”

Our three cats are not super friendly, even with each other. There is an unsteady truce between them, but the mixture is volatile.

However, last Friday, the receptionist at work was looking for a home for a stray kitten. Looking back, my downfall was holding the kitten. I realize that now.


Nanc and I and chatted on IM about it, and the wee kitten came home with me in the box from a ream of paper.

Let me give you some vitals here. The kitten is a boy, and he currently is living in our guest room. He weighs 2 lbs., and is about the cutest thing this side of anywhere. His name is Walter…. maybe. We’re not super sure yet about the name, but this seems to work okay.

32 ounces of kitten

So far, the rest of the cats are doing okay with Walter… well… better than we expected. There has been some hissing and some growling, but no bloodshed during supervised playtime. Soon he will be accepted. He is sooo cute.

Bow to the cuteness.

7 Responses to “Exciting News!”

  1. Petra Says:

    My eyes! My eyes! I think I have been blinded by cuteness! He’s adorable. Very pretty eyes on that little kitten. Can’t wait to give him a little snuggle!

  2. chris Says:

    Had to call the dentist this morning . . . I think I got instant cavities from playing with Walter on Saturday! Sooooo cuuuuuute!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Goodness people, these pictures are cuter than the last. I am overwhelmed…you are forgiven for having 4 cats. No one can blame you for adopting this little guy.
    PS-In J and R language, a “walter” is a superlative form of “yog”. I’m sure someday it will be appropriate, but now it doesn’t seem to suit him.

  4. Pamelalala Says:

    OHMYGOD!!!! And I thought I was immune to cuteness!!! He even rivals my very own bundle of cuteness…must resist pull…must not have kitten…

  5. Erica Says:

    That is an unholy level of cuteness. Steinbeck’s Lenny would squish him in a heartbeat.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I’m a little worried that you are checking out his weight…making Kung Pao Kitty???

    Adorable-and he fits into the colour scheme at our house, so I approve!

  7. jen Says:

    OMg…he is SOOO CUTE!! I LOVE KITTENS!! the name is really cute too. walter. hello…my name is walter, the really cute kitty cat.

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