Oct 6


I think that this world is based on balances. For every cute kitten action, there is an equally grotesque and vile toll that must be paid. If not for this tenuous balance, the world would implode. or explode. … well, something ‘plode-y, anyway.

Here is today’s balance. The cuteness of a kitten, and the non-cuteness of cat scratches on my leg. (btw… it’s really hard to take a picture of your own leg.)

By the way.. Walter was super cute last night… and he’s sleeping next me right now. So. I’m sorry for all the cancer that this may have caused. It’s not his fault.

kitten sittin’

shins of the father

3 Responses to “Another dose of vitamin K(itten)”

  1. chris Says:

    That is quite possibly the Cutest Kitten Picture EVAH! And I’m impressed with the leg self-portrait, too. . .

  2. jen Says:

    evil, little, sweet, little bundle of happiness and claws. 🙂 i love the name still. it’s so hilarious.

  3. Lara Says:

    I’m going to eat that kitten! Okay, maybe not, but maybe just nibble on it a bit. He’s so gosh darn cuuuuuuuuuute!