Oct 11

My tootsies

Posted by Nanc

I may be cutting this close, but this is for Mim. A pix of my feet.

Warning to those that don’t like nakeed feet (Rachel): There are bare toes in the next bit! Don’t go any further, even for pix of Walter. Here… here’s a Walter pic to appease you. Now you have no reason to go on. Everyone else, click to see Walter attacking my toes.

tastes like…?

The only way that I could bare (pun intended) to show my feet on the internets, was to add a bit o’ cute and use Walter to my advantage. Unfortunately, Walter seems to be a bit high strung after a long day of kitten naps. Go figure.

It was a bit difficult to get a foto, and I had to use the jingley, green feather thing-on-a-stick to get his attention. (Or at least get him in the same area as my feet.) And as you can see, he likes to play with toes as much as oddities-on-sticks.

But he is cute.

3 Responses to “My tootsies”

  1. chris Says:

    Cute toes, cute kitten . . . I swear that Walter has grown since the weekend!

  2. rachel Says:

    thanks for the warning and the alternative Walter pic. although I’m sure your feet are adorable, I opted out this time.

  3. Pamelalala Says:

    Girl…you got some cute toes there!!!