Oct 14

More Meme fun!

Posted by Nanc

Another fun (and quick!) meme is making it’s way around the interverse. You simply Google “[your name] needs”, and post the top 10 posts that match. So here we go…

  1. Nancy needs to make sure that her Mom understands Nancy’s message. (ha – this came from another knitblogger’s meme of the same!)
  2. Nancy needs witness accounts of rental activity to take action.
  3. You calculated that Nancy needs 2097 kilocalories per day. (Eep?!)
  4. Nancy needs help choosing snake to breed.
  5. Nancy needs catechists. (EEP!)
  6. Nancy needs to “bite the bullet” and let her boss know that…
  7. Nancy needs the exact same hardware in both machines for the servers to work together.
  8. I was just informed Nancy needs a copy of our DLs.
  9. Nancy needs a family who can not only provide her with the nurturing, care and security, but also firm and consistent boundaries.
  10. It’s too dark, however, Nancy needs a flashlight.

Funny note… when I did this a day or two ago without the quote marks, I pulled up a lot of Nancy Drew mysteries. Now go check yourselves out!

4 Responses to “More Meme fun!”

  1. P-la Says:

    I didn’t post mine on my blog but it was entertaining. ‘specially since several referred to Pamela Anderson so they were a bit more entertaining than those other anonymous, plain jane Pamela’s.

  2. Angela Says:

    Mine is posted. It was kind of interesting how many things came up that were psychology related. But then again, maybe not. Angela is a rather common name.

  3. Los Angeles Says:

    Well, here are my needs (i think that some of them are too serious :))
    1. Victoria needs safe injection site
    2. Victoria needs major traffic overhaul
    3. Victoria needs Super 12 team
    4. Victoria needs more teachers
    5. Why Victoria Needs Trackwork Riders From Overseas?
    7. In fact, no assessment of Victoria’s needs was ever undertaken.
    9. Victoria needs to grow up. (Well that one was funny)
    10. What Victoria needs to realize right now is that she needs to learn to be HUMBLE.

    It was interesting and fun 🙂

  4. Robert Says:

    Here’s what I got:

    Robert Needs Money.
    Robert needs to postpone visit.
    Robert needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world and long luxurious baths.
    Robert needs fashion work experience!!!
    Robert needs a family who will participate with Robert in his interests.
    Robert needs a title, position, influence, authority and paycheck to go with his—
    Hi, can I suggest that first Robert needs to know who he wants do do work experience with!!!
    Robert needs people he can trust.
    What Robert needs now is PR – not public relations but Perspective—
    Robert needs information which can help him to increase the efficiency of business.

    This is so freaky, I cannot begin to tell you……
    Prophetic. Best reading I have had in a long time.
    Better than a Magic 8 ball.