Oct 17

Inches 1 – 14.5

Posted by Nanc

to knit

This is the start of… the decline of civilization? … my madness? … a project that ends in tears and disapointment? … nope, my holiday knitting! (Boy, do I hope that all those other guesses are just plain wrong.)

To encourage myself (’cause man – I’ve got some tight deadlines) and to show y’all that I AM knitting, I will be posting my progress each week. This will be shown using two images, section knitted and yarn remaining, and the progress amount (inches referred to in the title). I’m playing by the KISS rules.

And just so you know… The yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes on size US#7 needles (straight). 60 stitches/garter stitch (knit ’em all!).

I don’t believe the recipient much/ever reads our site, but if he does he can only be happy by what he sees. And if you know who and what I’m talking about, please don’t alert him to this or reading our blog. Thanks.

4 Responses to “Inches 1 – 14.5”

  1. jen Says:

    ooh purty!

  2. P-la Says:

    Looking forward to watching the progress!

  3. Petra Says:

    WOW… look at those straight edges. What are you doing on the ends? Go NanC, go NanC, go NanC!

  4. Hanane Says:

    Is this the infamous Dr. Who Scarf that is like 6’+ long?