Oct 18

Is it SOX enough for you?

Posted by Nanc

Interweb friends, I have a confession to make. It seems that I have been holding out on showing you sock fotos. I know – shocking! I guess I was waiting for one thing or another before I did the whole photo shoot and post. But wait no more!

This is a foto-laden post, so be careful. I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves.

Okay, well there aren’t TONS of sox completed. I’m not, like, drowning in sox. This isn’t a Tsox Tsunami. But for me, a little sox goes a long way. And so that’s where I’ll start.

The Great and Powerful Oz Sox!
pay no attention to the manikin behind the sox
BIG n’ little sox – Aww

The great Mim of Mim’s Knitting Frenzy has an easy and free pattern for Baby and Toddler Socks. Using this as inspiration, I knitted up a giftie pair for a birthday boy. Benny’s grown so much and so quickly, I just hope that he’ll be able to squeeze his lil’ piggies in these sox!

Details: I used Schachenmayr nomotta Crazy Cotton in plantation (greens). This yarn is 100% mercerized cotton, but since he won’t be in them long I didn’t figure on needing any nylon to carry along. The Baby to Toddler Size Socks pattern was fun to knit and super quick. You can see how much Vannakin likes ’em.

dancin’ sox!
karate kick!
and being played with!

Next up are Matty’s Manly Sox. Now I finished knitting on these a while ago. But I was waiting to block them before I considered them done. (They could use a smidgen more give.) I tried making sock blockers from plastic-coated wire hangers, as quite a few DIYers do. But I found that I could only make small sized blockers this way; like for women’s size 5 and smaller. And I don’t know no one with that small of feet, ‘cept Benny. And that’s just silly.

I will be trying my hand at a different make-sock-blockers project, but until I do they’ll just have to wait. (And trust me, once I am a master blocker-maker I will give the details of it all to you, my internets friends.)

The details of these sox can be found here. No need to repeat myself.

I said, no need to repeat myself. (ha ha, sometimes I’m just silly for no good reason.)

Why a Gringots goblin and not Hedwig, I’ll never know.
They all seem to like the ribbing, ‘cept that dern goblin!
A Ron Weasley cozy?

And lastly (but never leastly… leastly? Is that even a word? Doubt it.). I’ve started working on a pair of sox for myself. Special sox. Sox that have a deadline. I’ve started a pair of Hogwarts Gryffindor Sox!

I’m using Silja Superwash wool/nylon in gold and maroon. (Of course!) I’m working with a pattern of my own creation, which is kind of sad because I never planned it out and now I’m at the gusset/heel and I’ve gotta stop and do the math. (Ugh, math.) The ribbing is a K3, P2 rib on the top of the foot (and will be continued up the leg of the sock).

This is my first toe up sock AND my first sock on one circular needle. (Combine that with no pattern and math, and I may just cry.) Chris and Bot-gurl have been helping me out tons. And C. just loaned me her Queen Kahuna sock book to help figure out my toe-up heel flap.

But for now, isn’t it cute posing with my Harry Potter nesting dolls? Bonez got those for me last Christmas. Again, I’ve always meant to blog about them, but time kept sneaking past. (Dern sneaky time!)

And I have a bit of boy-crush on Ron Weasley. Not so much in the first movie, where he kept making some weird half scrunchy-face. But more and more, he’s stealing my boy-crushable heart. [sigh]

Walter devours a lamb!

So there you have it – my sox. And to reward your patience, I have a Walter pic for you! (Yes, I totally stole this idea from Bonez. Not like you’re complaining!)

9 Responses to “Is it SOX enough for you?”

  1. aubyn Says:

    much like jello i always have room for socks

  2. chris Says:

    Awwww, those tiny little toddler socks are so cute! Lucky Benny, getting some frog-hunting socks . . .

    Love the Matty socks, too, especially with Walter chewing on them (that kitten is too darned cute!).

  3. Rachel Says:

    Ooohhh! I won’t tell Benny. Those are uber cuteness, although when I saw Walter, they paled in comparision. So many sox, so little time…

  4. Pamelalala Says:

    Yeah socks!! Yeah Matty’s feet! Yeah more Walter!!! ‘k, I’m tired now, gonna take a nap and dream of socks.

  5. Petra Says:

    I LOVE the wee toddler socks! The colors are great, I bet Benny will like them. I do have to admit, the “Walter devours the Lamb” shot is my favorite. That is one cute cat you got! I should have kept him in my purse when I had the chance.

  6. jen Says:

    OOOOH..i’m impressed w/ the sox!! very very nice. 🙂

  7. Miriam Says:

    The nice thing about knitting baby socks is that you still have so many more yards of yarn that you can make a slightly larger size and keep them in socks for much longer than one skein will get you with larger socks. 🙂 They look so happy and good though! 😀

  8. AnnMarie Says:

    I do love the socks….and i love the kitty….and on principle, i love the Harry Potter nesting dolls….and yet i am disturbed. i realize that the size relationship of the dolls is based on importance rather that actually size. but seeing Hagrid so little in comparison to Harry & Ron is just too much for my feeble brain to adjust to. its just plain weird.
    wow! what if you had to knit socks for Hagrid??!!!
    luv – your cuzin

  9. Jen Says:

    hi 🙂 I found your blog when i was searching for info on how to make my own sock blockers. I’ve heard that the one’s made from coat hangers can rust… and my husband is a great woodworker… so i thought i could just look it up and have him make me some. i’m finding info on making your own sock blockers hard to find though…

    would you mind me asking how your experiments worked out? would you mind sharing your method?