Nov 8

Kahlua Mud

Posted by Matty

Can you believe that I can still mine fantastic articles from the old site?
Maybe one day, I will write something fer real. That would be fantastic, huh?

btw, happy voting day!

This one is gonna be pretty quick, because this Stupida goes way above and beyond anything that I could ever think of.

The item this time around is Kahlua Mud. Unless you grew up in a cave, you probably recognize the container shape as that of Playdoh.

Kahlua Mud

So let’s add this up, shall we? Kahlua is a type of…. Anyone? Yes, you in the back…right, alcohol. And Playdoh is generally played with by?…Kids.   Right again!

This really doesn’t make any sense to me. The only solution that I could come up with is that marketing execs were trying to reach that elusive 4-10 year old market segment.

I bought a bag of this (12 canisters) at a thrift store up in Denton.   There are three exciting colors: Dead-Liver Black, Puking-up-Blood Red, and Jaundiced Yellow.

This article is from v1.0, which you could probably still peruse if you wanted to see questionable web design, bad graphics, and criminal use of Javascript. Yep…

One Response to “Kahlua Mud”

  1. VaxGirl Says:

    Maybe I’m dimwitted(I usually am), but it “is* play dough, right? Whatever it is, I wish I had me some.