Nov 17

Can you say SOX?

Posted by Nanc

Well, it seems to be all socks all the time around here. I have a lot of sock-irons in the knitting-fire, or so it seems. And ya’ know… I’m good with that. (Despite having non-sock projects crying for attention!)

I am to the toe of the SSS sock and then it will be winging it’s way to IL to my pard’ner. (Yeah. That’s how we say/write it here in TX. Crazy, eh?) And it’s a good thing that I’m nearly done, because… my SSS sock is here!

Actually, I feel a bit shameful. My sock (plus goodies) arrived a week ago. (Is there medication for this procrastination disease? Besides a good, swift kick you know where.)

But I ordered lo-mein?!

Here my knitted-for-me first sock reclines on one of our many web appliances (don’t ask). As you can see, Toni included yarn for the second sock plus goodies: two candles from her store. They are mullberry, which is nice and mellow, and Green Apple, which I love. It is such a bright, clean and yummy smell! And it comes in a sweet’tastic jar! wo0t!

Toni packaged my sock in the Chinese take-out container – how fun – and added a fortune cookie, ta’ boot. Not pictured, she included a copy of the pattern (that helps) and the extra yarn from the first sock, which is in that take-out container. Also, it’s difficult to tell from the photo, but it’s a lace pattern on the leg of the sock. Awesome. Thanks, Toni!

Another fun sock update? Check this happy lil’ man out!


Yep – that’s my nephew, Benny, wearing the frog hunting socks I made for him. Mmmmm, that’s one classy look you got going for you, Ben-a-men. The ladies (aka yer mom) must go for that diaper + socks look. [he he] Sources tell me that despite his not feeling too well, the lil’ dude enjoys a bit of pre-bed nakked(ish) silly time. From the look on his face, I guess so!

You can see a couple more Nanc-made sock-wearing, happy Ben pix here.

2 Responses to “Can you say SOX?”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    That Benny, he’s a looker!!! Nice sox too!!

  2. aubyn Says:

    nothing makes a naked man look more dapper than a pair of hand knit socks-way to go nanc

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