Dec 29

I’m thankful for yarn.

Posted by Nanc

During this holiday break, I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on some of my stories that never did make it out in blogland. This one is from our Thanksgiving trip to Baltimore. You may remember some of our adventures from here and here.

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Dec 28

It’s in the cards

Posted by Nanc

Our holiday message, that is. Our Christmas cards!

Every year we talk of making our own holiday cards and most years we do. (Um… last year was a bust.) Of course, we always wait until the last minute to come up with an idea, an image, and a medium. This year was no exception, except that we knew we wanted to do silk screening. (Er… so yeah. We, um.. we were going to tell y’all about our silk screening adventures sooner or later, there just never seemed to be a good time. It’s an article in the making, we promise.)

So continue on to see how our cards turned out this year.

Hmmm… perhaps we should find archives of the previous years’ cards.

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Dec 26

Christmas is a time for memories and tradition. For instance, gathering around the um.. yule-evision for a viewing of that Christmas classic Elbo The Elf *, roasting chestnuts on a open (propane) fire, or having that Christmas cookie dough fight. Perhaps you have your own traditions.

One of the things that we try to do each year that we aren’t with family is to repurpose the fishcam for a couple of days as the Christmas webcam.

Avid visitors from previous xmas webcams will notice a key difference this year. No big tree. That is due to the new kitten in the house. Instead, we have a couple of smaller, more put-out-of-Walter’s-reach trees. Oh, and that ever so creepy snowman head. (What’s up with that snowman head? I mean, I can totally see how Santa’s workshop would be unionized, but is there some sort of jolly mafia up there in the north pole? Was there a hit put on this snowman? Is this a warning to his family? Yikes!)

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Update: Happy Boxing Day! (or is it “Merry”?) We had a happy and fun Christmas day. We missed you if you weren’t here, and if you were, then thanks for coming out. The camera is down until next year (at least). We wish you all a super happy new year.

* What? You don’t know and cherish Elbo the Elf? Well no longer will you have ignorance to blind you to this touching and memorable story. Come back in a day (or two – it is the holidays after all) for the wonderful story of Elbo. Our *gift* to you!

Dec 21

Um. So yeah. We’re still here. And we’ve been thinking about a lot of great things to post. Stories and projects and recipes – Oh, my! But, you see, there’s this impending deadline (What? No – it has not already past. Hush yo mouth.), and we’re trying to get a bunch of great things done and a short amount of time… while continuing to live our “normal” lives.

So please be patient with us and I promise good and exciting things to come.

No, I will not give you any hints.

No. I will not whisper it in your ear no matter how much you promise to keep it a secret.

And no, you cannot unwrap one gift, even the smallest, until it is time.

Now go play nicely with the other blogs, and we’ll see you after the holidays.

Dec 12

There is the occasional need for good, bad TV. And since the advent of “reality” shows, both the ‘badness’ and our need to watch has grown exponentially. I say this in the “we” of Matty and I, but I am fairly certain that a large portion of the populous are doing the same damn thing.

One of the shows that we watch is Cheaters. Joey (or Joel) Grecco tells us all about local (DFW area) infidelities and trysts. No, I am not going to write all about the greatness (of bad) that is Cheaters, or go on anymore about crap TV. This was all an introduction to prepare you for what you are about to see when you click ‘Read More’.

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Dec 5

I have found another commercial that I enjoy. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched this one at least 15 times and I still find new layers of sublety and subtext. This commercial has everything: skeet shooting, cowboy lamps, and 80’s power ballad hair.

You can’t resist. Why try?

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Dec 1

HeckOfA Souvenir

Posted by Nanc

These aren’t your grandma’s My-relative type-Went-To-cityname-And-All-I-Got-Was-This-Lousy-T-shirt mementos! (Phew, that was tricky to write!) Unless your grandma rocked. Which she might have. I dunno; I don’t know yer g’maw.

Anyhoo, the point is that Bonez and I picked up a bit more that a tchotchke that will last… well, a lifetime.

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