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HeckOfA Souvenir

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These aren’t your grandma’s My-relative type-Went-To-cityname-And-All-I-Got-Was-This-Lousy-T-shirt mementos! (Phew, that was tricky to write!) Unless your grandma rocked. Which she might have. I dunno; I don’t know yer g’maw.

Anyhoo, the point is that Bonez and I picked up a bit more that a tchotchke that will last… well, a lifetime.

HeckOfA Welcome

When traveling, Matty and I like to explore some of the lesser known museums, displays, and what-nots. The crowds are typically minimal (if at all), they’re quick, and we usually get a bit of a laugh. During our latest trip to Baltimore, MD, we wandered down to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum.

school history was never this interesting

Although this is a nice enough museum (lots of history, stories, and artwork), the biggest thrill was getting our ‘souvenirs’. Yes, tattoos. Both Matty Bonez and I: tattooed.

While I already have one tattoo (dragonfly on my right shoulder) and plans for more, Bonez had never really been of the “permanent art on my body” mindset. I’m not certain what really changed his mind this day; not peer-pressure, not machismo, and definitely not it’s-the-kewl-thing-to-do. But he came into his idea and was happy. We didn’t get our tats that day, but instead spent a week deciding what and where. (Two VERY important matters.)

Me? I fell in lurve with a bit of original flash (aka artwork) by Sailor Jerry, the “father of Old School Tattoo.” I went for simplicity to enjoy the design as is; no color, no shading. In the pic above, you can see the case where the flash was on display and caught my eye. Here’s a close-up.

Honestly, Matt gave more thought and consideration to his bit of ink. His new tattoo is full of meaning and emotion and thought (which I find endearing). He didn’t find it in the books of flash or the artwork on the walls. In fact, he couldn’t find exactly what he had in mind even on his trusty internets. So with a handful of printouts (of similar, but not quite’s) and an example piece, Matty worked with his tattoo artist, Chris Keaton, to come up with an original tat: an origami paper crane.


Both of our tattoos are on our left sides: mine curves around my shoulder and across a bit of my back, Matty’s is on his upper arm. Both of our tattoos are avian-related, yet specific to our styles. And we got them together. (I don’t know how one could add a bit of sap to getting tattoos, but I think I just did.)

ConfettiSox2 considers some ink

And for a hoot – here’s a pic of my SecondSockSyndrom second-sock in progress. I just got my tattoo and I’m waiting while Bonez gets his new ink. I’m to the toe! (I have since finished this sock, btw.) I wonder how difficult it would be to design intarsia or fair-isle socks using tattoo flash? Cuz I know it would be kewl!

6 Responses to “HeckOfA Souvenir”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Awesome! Nice souvenirs guys. I like the birds 😀

  2. Toni Says:

    I love your tatoo.. its so pretty. good choice. when I show my daughter this link she will have to have one lol. I personally have two of them one on my hand and one on my right breast they are very little though I guess I could take a pic of them and show them.. the one on my hand was my first ones. its of a rose i designed .. object was when i die that I would take my rose with me .. we have a tradition when one of our family memebers dies we all take a rose from the top of the casket to take and press in a book to remember them by… i get to keep mine with me..
    Oh by the way your second sock looks great.. I havent started on mine yet been wanting to but have to make a few more pairs of clogs first for family before christmas.. but will start soon its sitting there looking at me saying please play with me ..

  3. Miriam Says:

    YAY! Soooo soo cool! I love tats with traditional swallows and all that. C and I got our tattoos together. It was good.

  4. aubyn Says:

    so proud of you two getting the ink and they are very nice

  5. jen Says:

    OOOH..i love matt’s tat!! a flying crane…..sooo coool!

  6. Pamelalala Says:

    You guys really take this souvenir business seriously! They look great!