Dec 12

There is the occasional need for good, bad TV. And since the advent of “reality” shows, both the ‘badness’ and our need to watch has grown exponentially. I say this in the “we” of Matty and I, but I am fairly certain that a large portion of the populous are doing the same damn thing.

One of the shows that we watch is Cheaters. Joey (or Joel) Grecco tells us all about local (DFW area) infidelities and trysts. No, I am not going to write all about the greatness (of bad) that is Cheaters, or go on anymore about crap TV. This was all an introduction to prepare you for what you are about to see when you click ‘Read More’.

damn paparazzi

{in a sing-songy, childlike voice}
Walter and Dil, sitting in a chair,

Guess who we caught snugglin’ together? Yep. Little (ha!) miss Dil and sir Walter! Don’t they make a cozy couple? Ya’ know, hate is just as strong an emotion as love. How easily this can get mixed up!

Slocombe hates with a passion

And look who’s not too happy with this new arrangement. Is that jealousy, Mrs. Slocombe? (Okay, actually she hates any and all. Just this time we caught her amazing hate-rays beaming from her eyes!)

After we took their pictures (and cooed and made kissy noises), Dil promptly left in a hurry for anywhere-but-here. She refuses to comment on the events of that night.

Bonus Walter pic

Walter doesn’t apologize for his behavior or even believe that anything was wrong. He can be found chasing all of the cats any time, night or day. Plus the hu-mans, too. When asked to comment, Walter purrrred and mumbled something about not hating the playa’, but the game.

Slocombe continues to hate.

6 Responses to “Cheaters – Feline Foibles”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, we know what goes on behind closed doors. We’ve caught old dog Max playing with the puppies, then pretending like they were fighting. Mmm hmm.

  2. VaxGirl Says:

    Wow, your kitty looks just like my Puff…er, my cat Puff.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Dil’s surly good looks certainly amplify Walter’s boyish charm. I think they are a good couple.

  4. jen Says:

    I love Cheaters too. lol. your cats are so scandelous. hahahah

  5. stina-boo Says:

    um. we’ve decided that walter is too grown up. tell him to stop. like, right now.

  6. Pamelalala Says:

    It’s totally Walter’s fault, who could resist his good looks?!