Dec 28

It’s in the cards

Posted by Nanc

Our holiday message, that is. Our Christmas cards!

Every year we talk of making our own holiday cards and most years we do. (Um… last year was a bust.) Of course, we always wait until the last minute to come up with an idea, an image, and a medium. This year was no exception, except that we knew we wanted to do silk screening. (Er… so yeah. We, um.. we were going to tell y’all about our silk screening adventures sooner or later, there just never seemed to be a good time. It’s an article in the making, we promise.)

So continue on to see how our cards turned out this year.

Hmmm… perhaps we should find archives of the previous years’ cards.

Christmas cranes, ja?

For some peculiar reason, we had birds on the brain. Specifically, paper cranes. I wonder why? Anyhoo, this led us to our card design.

We printed (silk screened) black 5″x5″ cards with white pine tree branches and one of two messages inside. Matty (sweet, sweet Matty) folded all 60+ paper cranes. I put in a string to make them ornaments, and we rubber-cemented them to the front of the cards. (Rubber cement so that they can be removed from the cards and placed on a tree or whatnot).

Our festive flock.

We created two messages: one was a simple and beautiful message for the season, and the other … Well, we didn’t lose our sense of humor and this second message tickled our feathers a bit.

Do ya’ think the mail carriers enjoyed these?

Here, the final product is shown in velumn envelopes that we used on a selection of the cards. It really was the “icing on the cake”, if you will, and made the cards shine.

7 Responses to “It’s in the cards”

  1. Angela Ringland Says:

    Allow me to say thank you for the beautiful paper crane. It was absolutely my favorite card this season.
    It was totally beauteous.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Petra Says:

    I second Angi’s comment. Those were gorgeous. It was the second best one I got this year! (Squid being the first ya know…)

  3. jen Says:

    These are beautiful! lovely work!

  4. Bonnie Pobocik Says:

    We were so pleased to get your card, (absolutely beautiful, I’ll add) what a treat! Rachel hadn’t gotten hers before she left MN and was a little envious.
    Thank you so much for thinking of us! I so enjoy keeping up on your yarning and pezzing and joy in life in general.
    Peace to you both (and the little ones!)

  5. Pamelalala Says:

    The cards truly were beautiful and the crane is now a treasured ornament for our tree.

  6. Aubyn Says:

    i have hung my crane up in my house so that i can see it all year long-it is beautiful-thanks kids

  7. AnnMarie Says:

    we loves our birdy card. even jackson says “bird? bird?” and does his little sign language bird beak. We miss your crafty ass
    your cuz