Jan 18

So we’ve been watching A LOT of the TV series, Lost lately. Matty got me the season 1 DVDs for Christmas, and STiVo has patiently been saving season 2 all this time. We had a few marathon sessions, especially during the DVDs: one 8-episode entire day, plus a couple 4-episode week nights! Yikes, that a lot.

Combine this with the fevered “little voice in my head” and you’ve got quite the chatter. I’ve always been an avid inner conversationalist, having full on discussions, arguments, and rationalizations all within the confines of my skull.
Sometimes I think Bonez would appreciate it if I included him in these discussions, but overall I believe he’s relieved. My head can prattle on and on.

Hurley.jpg Dude

And so from all this Lost watching, you’d think that my inner voice would pick up on some hero/heroin figure, right? Nope. My inner voice is totally set to Hugo “Hurley” Reves, dude extraordinaire. ‘Read more’ for some of my inner dialog.

Dude. Your coffee smells like ass; go away from me. Now! – while working the stretchy bind-off for my Confetti Sox, the first for me of 200Sox

If you don’t Step Off, dude, I’m gonna totally Go Off! – uttered internally, then with my outside voice while driving home in traffic yesterday to a G.d. f*cktard that wouldn’t stop tailgating after being given the “slow down/brakes hint” three {even more expletives} times!

Dude. You totally rock. – to Matty Bonez, multitudes of times. ‘Cause he does. Rock.

There are probably tens of tens more examples of my channeling Hurley and his “dude” repertoire, but really the first two are the whole reason that I wrote this article. They simultaneously make me laugh and make me want to smack some jackass that’s giving me grief.

As an aside, Yay! I’ve finished my first pair of socks this year! Sure, these were started back in November and I only had to make one. (They were part of the Second Sock Syndrome Swap previously discussed here.) But a few things went awry, and I am just now finishing the pair up (sew in the ends and I’m good to go). I’ll have pix and details up soon.

3 Responses to “Dude, I’m totally channeling Hurley!”

  1. jen Says:

    I need to get cracking on my socks for the 200sox. hahaha.

    I have that inner dialogue going on in my head too. i’m surprised i haven’t had any ally mcbeal moments. heheh

  2. P-la Says:

    Dude, this almost makes me want to watch LOST

  3. mk Says:

    Dude. Lost is wicked good.

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