Feb 21

How could I not?

Posted by Nanc

If there seemed to be a weird delay between when Matt posted about his love for me in the form of a configurator-a-tron and now, well it’s just that. Weird. That, or procrastination. Whatever it is, it is not for lack of returned love.

Click ‘Read More’ to learn about Matt’s new robot.

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Feb 13

Happy Valentines

Posted by Matty

So, it’s not quite Valentine’s Day as I write this, but I have to be tricky about these things. You see, until she sees it here, she won’t know…

There’s a little bit of back story here. Nanc has been working on knitting a robot for me, based on a book that she got from jess hutch crafts.

The trick with it is picking out colors. It’s hard to tell what makes a robot look sweet, and what colors are lame. So, for Valentine’s for my dw, I humbly present the robot configurator-a-tron.

Small print: I put this together in my free time. It should work in most modern browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla). I can’t say for sure it will work for you. Hey — besides, it’s not for you anyway! [grin].

Happy Valentine’s Day, Nanc
Love, Bonez.

Feb 7

How could I not?

Posted by Nanc

Oh-my! I did this as a lark, but the results were such that I had to share this with my peoples.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Nanc!

  1. Europe is the only continent that lacks Nanc!
  2. Some birds use Nanc to orientate themselves during migration.
  3. Nanc will become gaseous if her temperature rises above -42°C!
  4. Nanc can taste with her feet!
  5. The state nickname of Iowa is ‘The Nanc state’!
  6. Contrary to popular belief, Nanc is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol.
  7. Nanc kept at the window will keep vampires at bay.
  8. While sleeping, fifteen percent of men snore, and ten percent grind their Nanc!
  9. Snow White’s coffin was made of Nanc.
  10. The original nineteenth-century Coca-Cola formula contained Nanc.
I am interested in – do tell me about
Feb 1

Lil’ miss shy

Posted by Nanc

One of the biggest surprise gifts that Matty wowed me with this year (er, Christmas 2005) was a Blythe doll. To be specific, a reproduction Ashton-Drake blonde Blythe.

Read more, but beware: there’s a bit of a rant-tangent that I went off on. Fun, eh?

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