Feb 1

Lil’ miss shy

Posted by Nanc

One of the biggest surprise gifts that Matty wowed me with this year (er, Christmas 2005) was a Blythe doll. To be specific, a reproduction Ashton-Drake blonde Blythe.

Read more, but beware: there’s a bit of a rant-tangent that I went off on. Fun, eh?

My lil’ Blythe girl originally came dressed in her reproduction ugly dress (very reminiscent of Holly Hobby IMHO). I have plans to knit for her, but a quicker response was to buy some doll clothes and see what fit.

Okay, so mini rant: What the heck is up with the doll clothes these days? The dolls our children play with look like strippers, hookers, and addicts! How could this have happened? The kids that play with Barbie® dolls aren’t at the age where they watch MTV or are dressing like whores, are they? I mean, really? It’s bad enough that the pink doll’s image is disproportionate to reality, but to teach children that dressing like a porn starlet equals happiness? Even the boy dolls look like they work in the sex trade! Its just too much! (And I mean no offense to whores and the porn industry.) Phew… rant over.

It is a bit tricky to find the right fit clothing made for other dolls. First off, Blythe head is (to be blunt) gi-friggin’-normous! From there, her shoulders are broader, her chest is smaller, and her hips and legs are bigger than the blonde queen’s figure. Supposedly Blythes fit nicely into Skipper’s clothes, but since she’s not made anymore… I tried a combination of Barbie® Fashion Fever (ugh) and Bratz® (groan). I even picked up some “boy” Bratz fashions, for something with a little more cover.

Luckily for me, I am not a young, impressionable child AND I can happily dress my Blythe like a ‘ho. But for her first introduction, I wanted something with a little more modesty, but nothing drab like her hippie dress that she came in. I found this little number surprisingly on a Bratz! special edition Tokyo A-Go-Go doll.

Hee hee. I’ve currently set my desktop wallpaper at work to the image on the left. Sweet!

8 Responses to “Lil’ miss shy”

  1. aubyn Says:

    So here I am innocently cking my friend nanc’s blog and wham i get hit with scary doll-That is just mean

  2. jen Says:

    I almost bought myself a blythe doll up in canada. I want one! i got myself a mini one. so cute.

    I agree w/ you w/ all the ho-looking dolls. I HATE HATE bratz!! don’t they look like little hookers w/ really inflated lips? my little 6-yr old cousin loves them…and i’m just disgusted that my uncle and aunt let her get them. i kept thinking “little ho’s…little ho’s…” lol

  3. Rachel Says:

    Am I more disturbed that you went on a hunt for new clothes for your (very scary) doll or that you plan to knit clothes for her? It is a tough one.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Ok, I just checked out the link, and that doll TERRIFIES me. Her eyes turn “pretty pink”? That just isn’t right.

  5. Miriam Says:

    That Bratz doll looks like a crazy inner city mexican gangster’s girlfriend trying to play dress up in a kimono…. talk about culture shock.

  6. Tammy Says:

    You think shopping for doll clothes is scary, try shopping for clothes for an eleven year old girl that do not have suggestive saying on them or that are not ‘ultra-low rise’ waists on the pants! David recently found out how hard it is when we shop for Amanda when he went birthday shopping for her with me, he was completely surprised by what they call ‘childrens clothes.’ I personally blame it all on Britney Spears, it was after she came on the scene that all of the young girls clothes started to look slutty.
    Sorry about the rant, I just cannot see where the designers are coming from with the clothes they manufacture for young girls. I wonder if they put those clothes on THEIR daughters?!

  7. Pamelalala Says:

    Very nice photography!!!! ‘specially considering the scary a$$ doll!!

  8. Amanda Says:

    I love your Blythe doll! I would knit for her too if she were mine. Did you see my post about “decapitation barbie”? My daugters want another one.