Mar 15

This past weekend we had a wonderful visit from Matt’s sister Rachel and her awesome family (Jason and baby Benny). Obviously, Benny stole the show and it was really all about him. (Hopefully this won’t cause too many issues for him in the future.)

I cannot do justice to all the great pictures that were taken… of Benny. If you get a chance, run -don’t walk – over to their blog, We Like Dogs. I will, however, post a few that I especially enjoyed.

The happy families

In this first pic, you see most of the family kickin’ back and chillin’. Benny just handed Jason’s cell phone over to Matt for an important call. Must’ve been urgent to interrupt Matt’s play on the Magna Doodle. You can also get a glimpse of our Wall Of Clock. Some day we should show this off on the interwebs. (Please ignore the wrinkled slip cover. They are a necessary evil at this time.)

The cats all had different reactions to Benny’s presence, but Benny’s reactions to them were all the same: excited and happy. He would reach his chubby lil’ hand out and just barely touch his finger to the tip of their nose. Again and again, and every time it was as sweet as could be.

Benny hangin’ with Los gatos

Benny had learned to ‘pet nice’ from his puppies at home and lesson was duly applied here. He would touch their nose, then laugh. Pet them, then clap. And if they were out of reach, he’d sign for “want.” Want kitty. Want to pet. Want their love.

Dil hated this little intruder at first, but as soon as the threat eased Dil warmed up to Benny. Even to let Benny gently pet her and, of course, touch her nose. Marie kept her distance from the front of Benny, but loved getting a good whiff of him on the sly. Mrs. Slocomb pretty much hid in our closet the whole weekend, only to give tantalizing glimpses running here or there. (Good thing that a cat is a cat to Benny. He didn’t need to hunt down the missing gato.)

But Walter… [sigh] I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter pairing of species from a Disney flick. Benny and Walter loved each other from the first moment. They enjoyed the same things: cat food, playing with cat food, playing with ice cubes in the water dish, and playing. Walter loved for Benny to pet all over him, and Walter rubbed all over Benny in return.


I know now, that if Walter had a brain bigger than a walnut, that he would be missing his buddy Benny. The bond there was strong, like at summer camp – Best Friends 4ever!

I don’t know how or why none of these pics show Benny from the front, but I promise you – he is a cute and has all of his facial features… in the correct places.

2 Responses to “Why can’t there be more weekends like this?”

  1. Petra Says:

    EEEEE!!! I think I am going into cuteness overload! A cavity! I think I just got a cavity! Dang, what a cute pair. Great pics too!

  2. P-la Says:

    Benny is adorable… just don’t make him mad!

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