Apr 5

Socks? Oh, yes. Socks!

Posted by Nanc

While Matt was tweaking the formatting and coding the special new photo bar, I was knitting. Not surprising, eh? I completed one pair of socks and started my SockapalOOOza socks.

Come on inside and see what’s going on.

By no means did the yarn magic itself into socks nor did Dobby knit these up for me, but I think that my Gryffindor socks are wizard! The details of these socks can be found here in a previous article.

I’ve worn the socks once already, unfortunately with a loose pair of clogs. I wore these shoes because they’re good to show off socks. But their loose fit along with my shuffling gait has caused the heels to pill and haze over. Now there’s a fuzzy line across the heel and gusset. Its something that only I will see (or other knitters when I show it off to them like a doofus), so I’m not too worried about it. They’re still mightily comfy and bloody brilliant, IMHO.

Also in sock knitting news, I’ve made fine progress with my SockapalOOOza socks. (Does anyone else start to capitalize a few letters early when typing that?) As stated in this article, I’m using Cherry Tree Hill in the ‘Life’s a Beach’ colorway and the Pomatomus pattern from Knitty. (Ugh, and that name (Pomatomus)? Sure I can spell it, but try to pronounce it… without looking at the word? I imagine that it’s some kind of freaky genetic mutant combined from a hippopotamus and a tomato. — yeah, I’m touched like that.)

I’m in the mist of the second repeat of the leg pattern, and I can finally say, “I get it!” When I started the patterning, I was tripping and falling all over my stitches. Knit with four double-pointed needles [dpns] (three holding stitches and one to knit with), this sock was more prickly than my standard five dpns. And this lace pattern will make you question your yarn over [YO] abilities. There are YOs at the beginning and ends of the needles, and sometimes I swear that I would sit for five minutes just flipping the yarn around and over this way then over and under that way trying to figure which was correct.

But now, it’s clicked. I can “see” the pattern in its stitches and it makes sense. I don’t cling to the pattern for dear life anymore; I can “read” my knitting and know what comes next. Ahh – that’s liberating. It is still fairly slow going, as its a constant switch from knit to purl to knit, etc. But can you see how beautifully it is knitting up? I took advantage of some great weather we’re having to snap a few pix. No touch-up on that sky: that’s pure Texas spring, baby!

Update If you’re here from the 200Sox link, this post just shows one of my completed socks (the Gryffindor pair). My other finished pair is the Pink Lemonade Socks discussed here. Thanks for stopping by tho! Leave a comment and let me know what’s up.

8 Responses to “Socks? Oh, yes. Socks!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Your socks are SOOO PURTY!! i still need to start mine. 😉

  2. bonnie Says:

    Wow, such beautiful work. The pattern in the green ones is amazing I can see why you’re so into knitting! I probably sound like a real dork, but these are really impressive!

  3. chris Says:

    OMG, those pictures are gorgeous! I especially like the one “from above” with the sock and the shadow of the sock and the ball of yarn. But the sky ones rock, too.

  4. aubyn Says:

    oh my god those green socks are fantastic-i am so glad i have you girls to live through until i am knitting at full speed again-and the gryffindor are very nice and i think exactly what you envisioned when you started so congrats. also the photos are really pretty and highlight your talents

  5. Petra Says:

    Those are SA-WEET! You aren’t going to want to give them away! I love the pics too, the green looks super against the blue sky.

  6. mk Says:

    Nanc!!! Great sox. I really like your Gryffindor socks. Those green ones are groovy, too. They especially look nice next to the Texas sky. Are you really going to give those away?

    I am not participating in SockapalOOOza, but I am knitting socks right now. I am making myself a pair out of this really pretty Spingy colorway with lots of turquoise from Fleece Artist. I got it in Nova Scotia two summers ago. I have turned the heel, finished the gusset and am on my way to the toes on the 2nd one. I am also making a pair of socks for my husb out of Opal in a charcoal and cream mix colorway that I got in Alaska last summer. I am about to start the heel on the first of the pair. I have 3 balls of Opal Rain Forest waiting in line for socks for me as I finish these two other pair. I am also making baby socks for gifts. Lots of babies…

    Well, knit on, Dude.

    Speaking of Hurley, wasn’t this week’s Lost freaky?


  7. margene Says:

    Your socks are fabulous, too! Make sure you knit a pair for yourself. They are a riot to wear.

  8. Ruth Says:

    Such beautiful socks! The P-word socks are on my “to-do” list …. and I really like the Gryffindor socks. My son would love a pair.