Apr 12

Cats and PEZ

Posted by Matty

When we got back from camping this weekend, PEZ rained down upon me like manna from the heavens. The only key difference are that the PEZ came via the post office and Froggies, and not so much from a giant bearded man in the clouds.

Oh, and there are also pictures of the cats, to tempt you into clicking on the “read more” link below.

The first bit of goodness came from eBay, and is a crystal blue elephant. This is a custom dispenser made for Maximare, which seems to be some sort of German waterpark. I am a sucker for crystal dispensers and also for the small runs for companies. Really, this PEZ had me at “hello.” Another fine use of that old Dumbo mold at pezco.

Then I got a voicemail from Froggie’s 5 & 10, located here in Dallas. I’ve written in the past about the joys of this place. One of the joys is that they call me when new PEZ comes in. woot! On this trip, I picked up the new Ice Age PEZ, the new Cars PEZ, and the easter PEZ packaged in what looks like pantyhose eggs.

As we got home from Froggie’s, there was a pizza box sitting on the porch. This could only mean that I also received my order from Ann Jaeger at Canada Candy Connection. The box contained untold wonders. So, let me tell you about ’em…

First up, a set of ten different ‘football’ Looney Tunes PEZ, for the soccer crowd. Who know that there was a Looney Tunes Cup anyway?

I also received a cool set of Gundam dispensers. These are unique, since they were created only for the Asian market. You can’t really see from the pic, but they have an awesome flat finish that really sets them apart.

I also snagged a set of crystal Hello Kitty dispensers, that have the cutest stem markings. Pretty Kitty…

3 Responses to “Cats and PEZ”

  1. P-) Says:

    Aaww…so nice to see the kitties! Oh and the pez too…

  2. Jen Says:


  3. Lisa Says:

    The cats do entice one to the Pez pics and they do make good Vannas!