Apr 14

Okay, so its not so much of a clever title. But really, I didn’t work at it for very long either.

It’s another busy weekend for us. And that’s our excuse for not writing much lately. See, we’ve been discussing our article timing and how to avoid the infrequency beast. And we’re making some plans. For reals.

But y’all don’t care about all this blah-blah-blah. So I’ll get on with it and show you some cute kitties.

Not much of a story to go along with these pictures. Simply a few shots of the cats being… well, cats.

This is a great opportunity, though, to introduce y’all to the new photo format on the right. If you clever folks haven’t figured it out already for yourselves by now.

To see close-up (full-size) images, simply click on the desired picture in the thumbnail gallery to the right. Not only will you get the full-size image, but typically we’ll write a title or some thing mildly clever below the image.

On occasions, such as this, we’ll set the images up as a slideshow. This way you can simply move through the pictures at your leisure by clicking on the forward and backward arrows in the display.

To get out of the image screen, click the [X] in the lower, right corner.

Now, if you found all this jibber-jabber fascinating and want to incorporate a similar foto gallery on your website, you can! The code is Lightbox, and you can get it from here.

3 Responses to “Cats and… well, just cats.”

  1. jen Says:

    thank you for the code source. 😉 haaahah your kitties are sooo cute

  2. Angi Says:

    The kitties are a treat! And thanks for the new toy. It works very nicely with wordpress.

  3. bot-gurl Says:

    Wow it looks like your cat is sticking out it’s tongue!!! Freaky.