Apr 28

Sock credit

Posted by Nanc

Yeah, I was nerdy like this is school, too. I didn’t cheat, only took credit for what I did well, and went for the extra credit. So I have no one to blame, but myself for this.

The Purling P’s gave me a sock credit that, although the pair has been done for a few weeks now, I hadn’t posted pictures of yet. So this morning I jumped on the ball and got a couple of pix.

This is my third pair of socks for 200Sox: my Pink Lemonade Socks. The clever, fair isle-look is all part of the yarns self-patterning, and I find it fun and attractive.

Here’s the stats:

  • Yarn: Lang Bebe color #65; bright pink, yellow, and jacquard which makes a great faux fair isle pattern
  • Pattern: modified cuff-down, short-row heel, stockinette sock
  • Needles: 2.5mm (US#1) Addi Turbo 40″ circular needle
  • Notes: I have fairly thick calves and I loved how this yarn patterns up. Since I didn’t want to lose that when the sock is stretched out, I decided to make the leg much looser than normal. I started with 100 sts for the ribbing. Then I worked down to 60 sts by decreasing 4 sts every 4th row 10 times. The rest was worked in the normal fashion. The short-row heel is the Queen Kahuna method, which is easy to do, remember, and doesn’t leave holes.

Phew – now I feel better. Now can someone give me a hall pass?

4 Responses to “Sock credit”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    They look great and very fitting for spring!

  2. Jen da Purse-Ho Says:

    you pass. 🙂 beautiful socks!

  3. P-) Says:

    hall pass?!?! do you think we would trust you with a hall pass!?!?!

  4. aubyn Says:

    i love those socks-i love those socks-i love those socks