May 2

HellOOO, Pomatomus

Posted by Nanc

Phew! I finally got them done, and just in the nick of time. I knit up half the foot, the toe, and sealed it all with a Kitchener stitch late last night!

Please say ‘Hello’ to my leetle sock friends…

Hippo-potato-tomato-potatamous socks!

Of course, they are anything BUT little! The pattern makes some loonngg legs. And no hurt feelings towards my sock pal, but those are some looonnnggg feet. Together, they make loooonnnnggggggg socks! (At least in my not-so-humble opinion and my short sock history.) In total and unstretched, they are over 50cm/20 inches. Yowza!

But they were fun. And they were easy to knit. They knit up really kind of fast. The yarn and the pattern were both great to work with. So much so, that I’m thinking about a pair for myself. (But less leg-pattern repeats and a shorter foot.)

Here’s the details:

  • Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Life’s A Beach color way
  • Pattern: Pomatomus from – thanks, Cookie for a great pattern!
  • Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo double-point needles in both 2.75mm (US#2) and 2.25mm (US#1)
  • Notes: I used the size US#2 needles for most of the sock, as called for in the pattern, but I found that I didn’t like the stockinette fabric on the 2’s. So I used size US#1s for the stockinette on the foot and toe. I guess I’m a loose knitter (not to mention my virtues!). I also worked the last half of the toe as every decrease row for a broader (less-pointy) toe. In all actuality, I did this because otherwise I would have made them too long.

My hope is that these socks will fit my pal perfectly (nice ‘n snug), and she’ll love the colors. But isn’t that the same hope that we all share?

I washed/soaked the socks this morning, and am blocking/drying them now. Um… I sure hope my sock pal isn’t allergic to Walters (or kittens, or cuteness). He kind of snuck up there.

13 Responses to “HellOOO, Pomatomus”

  1. Matty Says:

    two comments:
    #1: Yay! The socks are done!!!!!
    #2: The pic of Walter napping on the socks may be too cute for actual viewing. You may need to put some black bars on parts of it or something. The cuteness could make someone’s head explode!

  2. chris Says:

    OMG, you finished on time!!! I hate to say it, but I was skeptical — I don’t think I could have done it! Those socks are beautiful and lovely and . . . . kapow! My head just exploded from the cuteness that is Walter!

  3. Jen da Purse-Ho Says:

    GOOD JOB!! they are beautiful!!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    So pretty! I like how the color created diagonal lines that follow the pattern on the foot. Congrats on finishing them on time!

  5. Ina Says:

    Congratulations on finishing! Those giant Pomatomi are gorgeous!

  6. Ruth Says:

    Congratulations on finishing! Your pal will love them.

  7. Betty Says:

    First you and now Yarn Harlot are talking about these sox. I followed her link to the directions and am gobsmacked you call them “easy”! Congrats on finishing them both–they’re really lovely!

  8. P-la Says:

    I know that has to feel good to have those done and they look fabulous!! I’m not looking directly at the Walter picture for fear of my eyes melting…

  9. mk Says:

    Nanc – great job on finishing the potato-tomato socks. They are beautiful.


  10. chawne Says:

    Congrats on the wonderful green socks! They are quite big. I hope the chocolate got there solid, too. Enjoy!

  11. Melanie Says:

    Really pretty socks! I love the kitty napping on them. It was great meeting you at Maryland – hope you had fun!

  12. Jody Says:

    Wow – those socks are crazy log – but they look great. Wish I had gotten in on this sock swap! It was really great meeting you this weekend. Hope you scored lots of new sock yarn!

  13. Julia Says:

    Nanc! I got my socks! I’m simply overjoyed with their beauty and your utter generosity- what a gigantic package with so many cool goodies! The YARN! The buttons! EVERYTHING!!
    I’m absolutely in love with the Potomatus socks and they fit perfectly!
    Umm, there are a lot of exclamation marks in this, aren’t there;-)
    I’m just sooo excited about my socks! You couldn’t have made a better choice on the colors and the pattern, and I love how the colors pooled on the foot.
    THe socks already got quite a bit of public exposure today already, I was super proud wearing them in my mary-janes and chose postures that accentuated the socks, LOL! LIke a piece of precious jewelery:-)

    With a HUGE HUG from Germany,

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