May 22

Not only do I have a belated ‘Thank you’ to offer up, but hidden deep in the dark recesses of my shame is an even more belated (belated-er?) ‘Thanks’. And really, it’s all getting a little cluttered in my psyche so I’m thanking them all in one fell swoop.

Prepare to be swooped!

First, and the most recent, I’d like to thank Chawne for the awesome Boiled Lobster Socks for SockapalOOOza! These socks are fantastic. They’re knit with Koigu Kersti in the Corded Rib pattern. (But I’ll let Chawne tell you all about their construction here.)

I received these socks just before I flew out for the MSWF, and in fact I packed them along with every pair of hand knit socks I have. (Which really isn’t that many… yet.) I wore them on my trip home and boy- did they keep my feet cozy!

Included in the box was some chocolate (YUM!), great sock yarn (reminds me of tigers – RAWR!), and a fun post card from her part of town. In fact, she did me the favor of circling the chuck of trees that represent her home along the river, which I thought was awesome! (And I swear that my stalking days are over…. now it’s just nights. Ha! Ha! Ha!)

And just so y’all know – in an effort of full disclosure, my SockapalOOOza pal was Julia in Germany. And she seems excited to have finally gotten her socks!

Okay… [deep breath]… now for my so-belated-it-hurts ‘Thank you’.

Back in… well, 2005, I participated in the Secret Pal 5 adventure. I spoiled (IMHO) my pal and was spoiled myself by a stranger. Reveal time came around and I received a wonderful and very thoughtful (and handmade) package from Mim. Yes! THAT Mim/Miriam!

There were so many wonderful goodies, and Mim had a bit of a crush on Vannakin, so I planned out this wonderful photo-log. But time and laziness crushed that project… until now!

So thank you, Mim. All those gifts were/are wonderful (some, like the jams, have already been consumed)! And I hope you enjoy this belated story of adventure, excitement, and love.

4 Responses to “My lateness is so embarassing”

  1. P-la Says:

    lovely, it’s all just so lovely!

  2. Petra Says:

    WOW! I love your photolog! That is just too cute. Super pal too!

  3. chawne Says:

    Glad you like the socks! I’m jealous of your SP5 loot…

  4. Jo Says:

    OMG the Vannakin story is the cutest thing ever! What a great way to display your goodies!!

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