May 23

Moto Loco

Posted by Nanc

‘Member back when I took the motorcycle safety course and passed? Well, since then I’ve taken the test and got my license. Wo0t!

So this means – watch the roads parking lots, folks! I may be haulin’ ass riding in circles near you!

My friend ngJill (ng=new girl) lent me her motorcycle, Prunella, to practice on. Ain’t she sweet? She borrowed her honey’s motorcycle, and we made an event of it.

It started with me gearing up. And I mean full-on gear – all, but the chaps! And for the cyclists out there (um… Rachel and Jason), here’s the details:

  • Boots: Rev’it in Freestyle
  • Gloves: N2 in yellow
  • Jacket: Power-Trip San Jose in the white/silver combination (’cause black is too dern hot in TX!)
  • Helmet: Scorpion EXO-700 Raider in yellow
  • and finally, what you really wanted to know about.. Ears: Awesome Ears in the tiger variety (tail not included)

Okay, so ngJill and I head out from her house to a close and unused parking lot for some much needed practice. I have a little trouble getting started from a full stop, but this is why I’m practicing first instead tooling off down the road.

In the parking lot, she has me practice my circles; Uncle Ergo Pants – turns. In some of these pictures you see those actions shots of me turning and turning… and turning.. over and over again! But it’s all good.

Eventually, out of sheer boredom I’m sure, ngJill joins me and we play a rousing relatively mild game of follow-the-leader. She leads; I follow… on our bikes. And it all goes well until…

um… let’s just say that I learned an important and expensive lesson. On a motorcycle, where you LOOK is where you’ll go. Look through the turn? You’ll go through the turn. Look to the right? You’ll go towards the right. Look at the curb? Yep. Curb.

We’re all alright now. Everything is good. No major injuries (i.e., bones, blood, or brain matter). And the motorcycle, Prunella, comes out of the shop today.

And yes. There will be more practicing in empty parking lots. A lot more.

6 Responses to “Moto Loco”

  1. Matty Says:

    My wife rides motorcycles and is tuff. She can beat up your wife anytime. grrrr…

  2. Rachel Says:

    Nice ride Nanc! Although the ears do make you look a touch less touch 😀
    Have fun and be careful.

  3. Jen da Purse-Ho Says:

    Man you bad ass on that ‘cycle!!

  4. Betty Says:

    The ears are great! Think they’d work on a 6 year old’s bike helmet?

  5. P-la Says:

    Dang! That was the meanest, toughest circling I’ve ever seen!!!

  6. bot-gurl Says:

    You ride rough and tough with your tiger ear puffs! Ears…on a motorcyle helmet why didn’t I think of that? Your jacket is sweet, and you look right at home straddling the prune….

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