Jul 1

Saturday Sky

Posted by Nanc

Sandy has been rounding up the troops to post pictures of your Saturday sky. So here are some of mine for today.

When I got up this morning, there was nothing to the sky. No clouds, no wind, nothing but blue. Which, although it sounds pretty, is not the best sky in a place where it’s hot.. a lot. Also, kind of boring to take a picture of.

But later this afternoon and evening, the sky became a bit more eventful. In fact, we got some rain. Sure, nothing like what’s been hitting the northeast, but any and every rain drop is welcome here. We’re in drought season already and everything is dry.

I think I was able to capture some nice sky with the storm clouds moving in and the sun setting. Besides, soon enough I was chased inside by big, fat rain drops. And really, I’m okay with that.

One Response to “Saturday Sky”

  1. P-la Says:

    Great Photos!!