Jul 6

I spy…

Posted by Nanc

Fast moving cars in the distance traveling on a heavily trafficked route. Tall buildings of varying heights and businesses. Professionals walking back from late lunches. Cars, quiet and still, gathering heat in an uncovered parking lot. Manicured lawns and landscaped trees tended by strangers.

Sitting in a meeting today, I watched a helicopter take off and a people mover glide past while two businessmen discussed details of some random process. All this activity and inactivity doesn’t touch me as I sit in air conditioned boredom.

3 Responses to “I spy…”

  1. aubyn Says:

    meetings can be the worst-i am glad you had at least something visual to keep you company

  2. bot-gurl Says:

    Such a poetic description of boredom 🙂

  3. P-la Says:

    You make is sound so…EXCITING!