Jul 19

nanc’s article

Posted by Nanc

Ha. I asked Bonez to move a couple o’ pix from the camera to our site so that I could blather on about my knitting… again. He kindly did so and had saved the pics under the title you see above. Heck, who was I to argue. I couldn’t come up with anything better, so there it is. A nondescript yet correct title. Wo0t.

(Thanks, sug’. I lurve u.)

Okay, really this is about me knitting. It’s a lot slower than it was when I was unemployed, er… “between contracts”, but I still crank out knitted objects, albeit slowly.

First off, I joined the Trek Along With Me along back in… well, never mind that. I had trouble starting any Trekking socks and couldn’t get into the grove. They’re worked on zeros, and although this isn’t such a huge jump from 1s it seemed like it for me.

I took the sock to work and would methodically work on it during my indulgent 30-minute knitting breaks. (I eat lunch at my desk and continue to work, but will break for knitting. Outside. In the heat. And trust me, it’s a relief from the frigid, A/C-induced temps of the office.) 30 minutes doesn’t give one a lot of progress, but a few rows at a time and -POW- I was at the toe decreases. Which gave me fits because apparently I am mathematically brain-stumped.

But third times a charm, and I got that sock done and Bonez lurves it! Phew. Unfortunately, it is only one sock and the fella’ has two feet. So I suppose knitting a second sock is the easiest of the two options. I have yet to cast on those other 80 stitches needed to get started, but I promise I will… soon.

Stats: Matt’s Trekking Sock. Trekking color #93; oatmeals and grays. Modified Thuja pattern from Knitty. Knit on one, 32″ Addi Turbo size US#0 (2.0 mm). 80 stitches for the leg and 70 for the foot.

Also in that picture (to the right), there’s a finished dishcloth. The garage sale MDK ball band dishcloth, or warshcloth as it’s likening to be called. I knit it to the pattern’s full size, but thought it was way too huge for me to ever use on an elephant, let alone its dishes. So I ripped it back a few rows to something a little more feasible. Of course, C tells me afterwards that it’ll shrink a great deal after the first warsh. Oh.

In the not FO pile, I’ve been working on a summer (all-season in TX) sweater. It’s the Tivoli sweater (which is the Picovoli sweater without the picot edging. I’m using Reynolds Santana in color #24 Sages. I’m liking it a lot, and am ignoring the fact that I shouldn’t be wearing horizontal stripes.

And lastly (but never, ever leastly), I’m working on a Trekking (color 108) sock for moi. I’m following the RPM pattern from Knitty suggested to me by a fellow SnBer, Kevin. (Thanks!) I don’t think that I would’ve tried this pattern on my own. Although I luv me some Socks That Rock, the pictured socks’ colors and striping were fighting for attention with the pattern and they both lost. But I’m enjoying it with my subtle Trekking, and have gotten a lot of good comments from other knitters, too.

I hope to have more FOs to show off soon, and I am more than ready to get a pair of socks up on larger needles – even 1s!

Later, ‘gators.

12 Responses to “nanc’s article”

  1. aubyn Says:

    well i think mattys trekking socks are so handsome. and they are even better in person.

  2. Jen da Purse-Ho Says:

    OOH SO NICE 🙂 those socks are really nice in person. i so impress 🙂

  3. Rachy Says:

    Gorgeous. I wish I could touch them through the computer though.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Tiki’s! I have several mugs very similar to that one, love ’em. I may have to try trekking for some boy socks, nice neutral colors without being boring, v. cool. The RPM’s are looking great too!

  5. Bonne Marie Says:

    But of course, one sock counts as an FO! Well done!

    It looks wonderful! I love theTrekking colourways and paints – it is hard to find in these parts…

  6. Michelle Says:

    Knitting a second sock is not the quickest option, but do what you think is best. The socks are truly luverly as is the sweater. Now I want to start one, but I must finish the tank on the needles first. Or must I?

  7. chawne Says:

    Those are some nice lookin’ socks, Nanc! Slow and steady wins the race…or something like that.

  8. P-la Says:

    Great show!! I’ve decided that I love starting socks. I never finish them. Not even one. But I love starting them!!

  9. Teri S. Says:

    All the knits look good. Funny that you work while you eat and then break for knitting. I do the same. I manage to get in a couple of rounds, but every little round helps! I’ll have to check out the RPM pattern. I’ve got a second ball of Trekking in #100 and that might make an interesting sock.

  10. Stalker Angie Says:

    Dude, I actually use my lunch break to sit down and catch up on blogs or write my post. How sad is that? I need to start writing my posts the night before so I can eat and read then knit/crochet and read. Or something. Yeah. Hee.

    I like the socks too. Very manly. Burly man socks.

  11. ladylinoleum Says:

    I’m with you on the eating lunch at your desk and then knitting on your breaks. And hey, my office sub-zero temps too. What’s up with that?

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated and it gave me a chance to run over here and say howdy!

  12. Lori Says:

    Love the dishcloth! I’ve ordered the book just because everyone’s dishcloths look so cool! I agree that the RPM sock looks great in the Trekking! Thanks for stopping at my blog!