Aug 9

more ‘stache enhancements

Posted by Matty

more inside…

See… it’s funny, cuz nanc has an article right before this called stash enhancements

Well, at least it was funny to me…

3 Responses to “more ‘stache enhancements”

  1. Nanc Says:

    You are a loon.
    And I like that.
    But couldn’t you find better/more enhanced ‘staches? I was expecting (yes, I saw the joke before I clicked ‘more’) something that required wax and maybe a comb.
    I’m glad you’re mine. Happy upcoming anniversary, sug’.

  2. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    AHHAHA it’s DR Z!!! 🙂
    happy anniversary!

  3. aubyn Says:

    that is greatness-i got and thought it was funny-also i am happy that you two are in my life-it makes me so much more clever because of all of that competition

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