Aug 24

Trekking Fair Park

Posted by Nanc

While down at Fair Park this weekend dropping off the socks, we decided to spend a little time and enjoy the scenery. Although there wasn’t a lot of walking to be had, I’m going to ask to have it count as part of my Trek Along.

Please note: I truly had intentions of taking a good and long hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire wearing my Trekking socks. Unfortunately, those vacation plans were cancelled, and I find myself still in Texas and incredibly warm. All outside excursions are limited to travel to/from car, mailbox, and other air conditioned buildings. Occasionally mowing the lawn. The heat has also affected my knitting production (like many others), and neither Matt’s nor my Trekking socks are done. Yet.

But first, I’d like to go back even further in time to the beginning of Matty’s birthday week to Friday night. (That’s right. Birthday WEEK. With weekends. Plural. We’re just fun like that.)

Anyhoo, we started the birthday week a little early with a concert down at the Fair Park Band Shell on Friday night. B. and C. scored some tickets to see Devo and Psychedelic Furs in concert. And before you make some screwy face, you should know that Devo ‘brought it’. No, seriously. Devo was ‘on’ and the sound was ‘tight’. And so amazingly fun.

I’m sure the fact that it was a bazillion degrees out and the concert was an outside affair (amphitheater) explains why this event wasn’t jam packed with the early-MTV generation. But never mind that. It was a decent crowd; a mix of young and old, conservative and WTF-dude?, but a good time was had by all.

On Saturday, we went to see *mf*Soa*mf*P with (blogless) Aubyn. And if you haven’t read all of the other reviews and comments, let me add to the pile and say – This movie is AWESOME! Oh, sure. It’s just as cheesy and bad in places as you would expect, but I didn’t go into expecting compelling drama and deep n’ twisting plots. I laughed my *mf* arse off. I screamed in surprise. I said “eww” at the appropriate spots. And I really enjoyed myself.

Just so you know – this is one of those movies in which the experience is greatly enhanced by going with the right group of friends. Interact with the movie and engage in the fun; don’t just sit there. Luckily, I did have the right people with me, so Wo0t!

But a big part of Saturday’s fun occurred just before the movie on the way to the theater. We stopped at a garage sale in our neighborhood, not expecting anything and got more than we bargained for. I hate to be a tease and not tell you all, but without a picture (which I promise to get soon) the full impact is lost. But I promise you that it was funny and played into the humor of the rest of the day.

Sunday, Bonez and I went down to Fair Park again. We dropped the socks of at their intended spot and then started our trek. Okay, really it was way too hot to actually walk around down there, so we drove to the other side of the park and walked from there. There are a bunch of small museums, exhibits, and centers all nestled in Fair Park. Eventually, we plan on visiting them all.

First, we went to the aquarium to see some fishies. This isn’t a big aquarium and it didn’t have ginormous displays. (For that, I would recommend the Dallas World Aquarium.) But it did have some nice, smaller exhibits of toxic fish, native TX fish, and sea horses. We saw some kewl things, like a tank of glittery fish that looked like they were covered in diamonds, the awesomeness that is jellyfish, and an amazing ‘gator snapping turtle. All very exciting, I promise you.

After we left the aquarium, we decided to walk a bit more of the park to see what we could see (as it were). Across the way, we spotted shade from the harsh sun, but it seemed to be enveloped in some odd structure. Curious, we moved closer.

This turned out to be the Leonhardt Lagoon, and a pretty neat place to be. It’s a huge sculpture that winds in and out of a man-made lagoon. This opens up into a nice, quiet pond with swan peddle boats (which I so want to go back and do when it’s cooler). But there’s a certain air of intrigue and mystery in this place. Tons of dragonflies and turtles make their homes within the living piece of art along with trees, plants, and flowers (sadly done blooming).

With the heat and our hunger rising, we quickly took pictures of Matt’s Trekking socks in this interesting landscape. And then beat a path back to the car and some air conditioning. (Did I mention the hot?) After a quick bite and a visit to the awesome Froggies for PEZ, we headed home.

4 Responses to “Trekking Fair Park”

  1. aubyn Says:

    SOAP was mf*ing awesome-and I am so glad we got to see it together. I am sorry that I grabbed your husband but I had to get him something for his birthday.

  2. P-la Says:

    That’s a great shot of the turtles and dragonfly..for a moment I thought it was one turtle and it’s reflection.

  3. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    i might have to see that movie based on your review.

    dammit..i need to trek w/ my sock. Mabye i’ll trek to the mall with them! hahaah

    i can’t believe you guys went walking in this horrid heat. i admire you. haha. i would have been sweating my ass off!

  4. Teri S. Says:

    It sounds like you had a fun and wonderful week! The structure at the lagoon reminds me of the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, which is very organic and flowing (and just a bit bizarre). At least you did take a trek with your Trekking socks; mine never saw the light of day on a trail, urban or otherwise.

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