Aug 29

pez-tastic update

Posted by Matty

New PEZ is here. It’s just inside.


I get it. You don’t want to look at new PEZ.

That’s fine. I understand. You didn’t hurt my feelings.

But what do I tell the PEZ?

I guess guilt trips do work.

First up, the PEZ from Open Season. I’m going to admit right now that I haven’t really done the homework on tonight’s post –such as hitting a couple of sites to get the names of the characters or any other information. So, um from left to right, the movie includes a mean dog, a retarded, one-antlered dog, a big bear, and some sort of grinch-owl.

Next in the veritable cornocopia of plastic dispensers based on cartoons I’ll never watch, Over the Hedge. Surely you know about the movie based on the err… exploits of the buck-toothed squirrel, the turtle, the french skunk, and um the fur helmet guy. The movie that teaches us that uhh…. differences are what make you interesting, teamwork is good, and it’s totally okay to make fun of fur helmet.

I’ll be honest. All that cartoon PEZ is making me feel winded. Let’s take a break from all the vibrant colors. Oh, how I long for boring PEZ that all looks alike. And by alike, I mean like crappy football trophies.

I’m not much of a sports fan, but I can pride myself on having enough man-sense in my man-DNA to name the teams. Here we go, left to right.

  • the allligators- or maybe the crocodiles. Possibly a turtle-gator. This one is tricky.
  • ah yeah, I know this one. Went to school there. Flint Central Indians.
  • another easy one. I live in Texas now. It’s totally the Bullseye Barbeque Team.
  • The Siamese Cats- Boy, it must be embarrassing to be on this team. Three words– Litterbox halftime show.
  • Woot – Alabama Elephants. Go Trunks!
  • The capital Gs
  • University of Michigan. Go Wolverines!

Ahh, just when you thought it was safe, more cartoon dispensers. Cars. Haven’t seen this one either. It’s been described as “Doc Hollywood” with cars. If you’re going to make a cartoon (and eventally PEZ) from a Michael J. Fox vehicle (heh… get it? … vehi– ) It should be Teen Wolf, or Back to the Future. Heck, I wouldn’t mind Family Ties PEZ (though I expect the cartoon would suck).

Ice Age 2. I did actually see the first one, and I’m pretty sure that I can name these ones. Left to Right — Snuffleupugus, the Lion King, the vampire weasel and the …um… what the heck is that thing?

Last but not least, make sure to note that Walter helped out a

5 Responses to “pez-tastic update”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hi Matty,
    Of course, I love the Pezzy goodness. Congrats on the new stash. Can I assume these are birthday pez?
    As someone who has also not seen these movies, I must say your descriptions were spot on!

  2. Nanc Says:

    Ha ha! “Fur helmet”! And the Cars movie? Was this funded by the gas and oil companies? Woohoo – let’s encourage our children to drive fast! I mean, was the hybrid-hippie car, er- demographic represented in the movie?

    But mostly, I must comment that I think you mistoke (mistaken? mistoked?) one of the footballs. You stated it as the ‘capitol Gs’ when really I believe they root for the G-spots! Yay – go G-spots! Touchdown!!!

    Thanks for the amusing recap of the stuff I see around the house all of the time. Sorry that I didn’t distract MegaWalter from his path of distruction and mayhem.

  3. Betty Says:

    What, you didn’t see “Cars”?! It was a great movie! I enjoyed it far more than Laurel did–most of the jokes went over her head. “Over the Hedge” and “Ice Age 2”–eh, not so much. And I get the feeling with “Open Season” that once you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie.

    My dad went to the University of G-Spots. Heh heh. I don’t think I’ll tell him.

  4. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    oh walter is trying to be helpful!! i love all the pez…..sooo coool. 🙂

  5. matty Says:

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