Nov 29

shark infested waters

Posted by Nanc

Okay, the title may be a bit of a stumper at first, but it boils down to the fact that despite all the glorious knitting that was going on in last night’s episode, ‘Gilmore Girls’ has jumped the shark. Actually, it did this a while ago (imho), but others disagree.

But I digress. This is not what I came here to talk about. (Obviously I still watch the show in the dear hope that the writers find their sweet spot again. They haven’t.) Last night’s episode featured knitting. A LOT of knitting! And that’s what I’m gonna blather on about…

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Nov 13

Sweet cheese and corn tamales, Mabel! Kid ‘n Ewe was a whole lotta fun!

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Nov 9

The wise and oft silly Stalker Angie came up with a knitters version of East Bound and Down from Smokey & The Bandit.

Couldn’t you just imagine that convoy? Kid ‘N Ewe ‘n knitters, too – here we come!

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Nov 6

The frantic days full of packing are over. On Saturday, the movers transported all of our belongings approximately 10 miles east to our new home.

Even moving the cats went (relatively) smoothly.

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Nov 2

This past month has sped by at an alarming rate, and I’m not quite sure if I remember all of it. There were ups and downs, changes in logic, and gob-smacked moments. I’m happy for where we have ended up, but- my-lands -that was a bumpy ride!

So we finish up SOCKtoBEER with not a single completed pair of socks, and look forward to better knitting juju in NOROvember.

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