Dec 5

I.O.U. pix

Posted by Nanc

Although I haven’t let this go for as long as I normally do, I did promise to show you pictures of what I picked up at Kid ‘N Ewe.

Gratuitous pictures of yarn prØn follows:

Between finding the time and sunlight around my fierce procrastination and yog* schedule, I was finally able to get some nice shots to show y’all. My bonus is that I get to refresh my happy-happy joy-joy dance of giddiness for such sweet yarn.

(If you’re not a knitter or new to knitting –you know who you are– this may not make sense. Yet. For now, imagine the most sweet and decadent desert without the calories or fat. And it lasts near-on forever. Got it?)

Now that you all understand…

As soon as Chris and I arrived at the festival we went in search of the Brooks Farm booth. There I purchased three skeins of beautiful Duet in this great brown and turquoise color way (which really doesn’t describe it’s beauty) that is perfect and intended for a vest for Matty Bonez. This was a popular color way for many of the knitters there. (I know that Abbe, for one, got the same yarn.)

Also picked up at Brooks Farm was a skein of luscious, soft Primero in a light lavender mix. Simply beautiful. I looked at a lot more at their booth, but had to leave it before I went too crazy. (Besides, I should leave some for the other knitters.)

Chris and I wound (Ha!) our way around the rest of the vendors, booths, and demonstrations going on in the three buildings. I picked up four skeins of inexpensive sock yarn at the Jojoland booth, but none of their yummy cashmere. (My brain obviously overloaded at the display of “cheap” sock yarn and cashmere goodness, especially as other knitters started to show up and buy stuff. Eep)

I picked up two more pairs of sock yarn from two different booths. One of the yarns, from Marsh Mellow Meadows, was a natural, non-dyed yarn with the names of the contributing sheep. Doesn’t that just rock?!

With the day winding down and being full in spirit of knitting, knitters, and their ilk, I don’t know exactly what came over me. Somehow I found myself purchasing a drop spindle from Hokett Would Work and some roving from Heritage Arts. Not that I regret this, but… wha? I wasn’t planning or expecting to do this. I tell ya’, those fiber festivals are crazy, mind altering places –in a good way.

In addition to my Boerne bounty, I received a recent purchase in the mail from Simply Sock Yarn Co.. It is Fleece Artist merino sock yarn (of course) in a color called Burgundy, but I don’t think that accurately captures the colors at all.

The final picture for you is of Walter being a cutie-puss. He’s doing his Halloween-cat/arched back pose, which is cute enough for starters, but check out his tail! Tee hee – its all curled in on itself and making a circle.

* The term, yog, of yooper origins refers to being like or acting in the manner of Yogi Bear, namely eating pic-a-nic baskets and not doing much else.

7 Responses to “I.O.U. pix”

  1. Petra Says:

    Mmmm… yummy goodness that is Brooks Farm. I do think you just inspired me to get mine out for another shawl!! 😉

    That is going to make a NICE vest!

    I wanna see that Fleece Artist in person. That looks pretty too!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for the purty picture of yarn. I think I would need to touch it to get the full effect however.

    A few corrections:
    uper is actually Yooper
    Yog isn’t a UP term…it is just a weirdo term. Only weirdos make up strange words and meanings like that.

  3. Nanc Says:

    I stand corrected on Yooper (although UrbanDictionary supported the “uper” version), but I’m still stating “yog” as having yooper origins. Oh, sure, it was created by weirdos, but those weirdos were living in the U.P. at the time. So a Yooper term it is! 🙂

    Still working on feel-o-vision.

  4. Christine Says:

    Is it wrong that I squee’d like a little girl when I saw “Randall Brooks” on my caller ID on the phone on Sunday and knew that Brooks Farm was calling me? Seriously, it made me so giddy.

    I need to podcast, but I feel the urge to be a slacker and go and knit instead. Must… resist…

  5. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    OOOH that’s some niiiice stuff. you are going to start spinning like us! hahahahaha

    and walter’s impression of a scary cat is dead on 🙂

  6. P-la Says:


  7. KathyB Says:

    So that’s your spindle! Cool! I’m glad you’ve joined our ranks/have come over to the Dark Side, whatever… and that’s some beautiful roving you’ve got there! It looks like you’ve done a good job so far with what’s wound on the spindle. Soon, you’ll be wanting a wheel!!! 😉

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