Dec 28

Christmas Wrapup

Posted by Matty

This Christmas was maybe a little bit more like Halloween. Some tricks, some treats.

Christmas officially starts when the house smells like cookies. At least in my book. Nanc made a bunch of cookies, and I assisted where I could with quality assurance testing … (burp).

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6 Responses to “Christmas Wrapup”

  1. Angi Says:

    mmmm… cookies… I knew I forgot to do something this year.
    Yay for all the goodies, decorations; the great memories of the mac and the pics of Walter. And boo to those who burgled the car.
    I think I see a glimmer of not-too-much-hate from Mrs. Slocombe. Maybe it’s the season?
    Have a great New Year!

  2. P-la Says:

    That is greatness about the popcorn maker!!! Love the way you hid it! Sucks about your stereo. Maybe Mrs. Slocombe did it to avenge Walter’s cuteness?

  3. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    your house is sooo purty!! i’m really sorry about your stereo! heads must be chopped off! it’s sad people get so selfish around the holidays. 🙁

    but you are a wonderful hubby to Nanc. POPCORN MAKER!! that’s freagggggin awesome! 🙂 and i love your Mac. 🙂 that is hilarious.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Yea for house pictures.
    Boo to the snowman.
    Yippee for the Mac.
    Grrrr to the burglar.
    Awwww to Walter.
    {{Shiver}} to Mrs. S

  5. chris Says:

    That SOOOOO sucks about your car getting broken into . . . it happened to us when we lived down in Oak Lawn, and it just plain bites, especially because it probably cost you more to replace the window than the stereo was worth, eh?

    And Walter? That picture is so sweet that I think I need to go to the dentist now!

  6. aubyn Says:

    i think you are the best matty and that hiding place is genius-merry xmas and i love you both

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