Dec 29

Jeans with a twist

Posted by Nanc

Hmm, this almost sounds like it could be a drink. But it’s not. Nope. It’s a finished object (FO), specifically a pair of socks!

These socks are knitted from the Dye-o-Rama sock yarn that I received from my swap partner. I first showed it here when I got it in the mail.

The yarn (unknown fiber content, but wool) is thick and skooshy, and knit up for a nice, solid fabric on US#2s (Addi’s 2.5mm). I’ve been working on these socks for a while now (started in summer), but they’ve been a back-burner project the entire time.


  • Yarn: unknown wool in denim-y blues and hot pink variegated
  • Pattern: variation on the Gentleman’s Shooting Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
  • Needles: 32″ Addi Turbo 2.5mm circs
  • Recipient: me!
  • Notes: knit toe-up (Knitting Fiend), short-row heel (Queen Kahuna), with 2″ of 3×1 ribbing and finished with EZ’s sewn cast off

I’ll tell you what, that EZ sewn bind-off is brilliant! When I need a stretchy bind-off from now on, that’s what I’m going for. My first try was to simply “stay loose”, but that didn’t go so well; not stretchy enough. And I had tried the trick of adding a yarn over in the row before bind-off, but that looks frilly and kind of silly. But this sewn version? Just right. (Wow, I’m like the Goldilocks of bind-offs.)

These pictures were taken in my work cubicle during my last day at this job. (No, don’t cry or fuss — I’m a contractor. I go through jobs like [insert appropriate analogy here].) It feels good to cleanly complete a project and have no loose ends to tie up.

Thank you, and goodnight!

6 Responses to “Jeans with a twist”

  1. chris Says:

    Yay for finished socks!!!

  2. P-la Says:

    I can’t think of a better way to finish a job than with socks!!! Now, can I have some popcorn?

  3. Michelle Says:

    I like that nubley pattern! I like the word nubley!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful socks (as always!)
    Is that an I-B-M laptop?

  5. aubyn Says:

    those socks look great and i think that you should finish every job with a pair of socks

  6. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    omg these socks are faboo!!!!!!

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