Jan 18

The sale.

Posted by Nanc

This is no fairytale, happily-ever-after story of love lost and found. No lessons learned, no changing of ways or ideas. No informative story or dark fable to be found here.

Nope, just what I bought at a yarn sale.

The Woolie Ewe has a great sale every year on the last Saturday of the year. This year there was a pre-sale week and yarns were discounted a bit (20%). On the day of the sale, all yarns are discounted 30%. But… for those intrepid few who like a challenge and a reason to make anything crazy, you could get a 40% discount if you were at the store before Jill (owner) arrived that morning. And you know that I was there!

(I didn’t go to the sale the previous year, but two years ago I went and it was a set number, like the first 25-30 customers would receive the greater discount. And yes, I was there in line early for the extra discount.)

Anyhoo, its not like I need this yarn, but it was sure nice to get it. Like always, I fell for the sock yarn but tried to keep it to a minimum (6 pairs). I also got two sweaters-worth of yarn; one for me and one for Matt. And the rest? Total splurge, I’ve-always-wanted-to-try-it, spoil me yarns!

The pictures give all the details (yarn brand, quantity, etc.). So sit back and enjoy. (As I will be enjoying those yarns when/as I knit them up!)

9 Responses to “The sale.”

  1. P-la Says:

    All such lovely choices!

  2. Kathy Says:

    I proud of you for showing so much restraint.

  3. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    i’m jealous of your stash. I wish i would have went. i’m going to kick myself over and over again until next year. 🙂

  4. aubyn Says:

    i think you did well at the sale and it was my honor to be there with you

  5. Christine Says:

    Can I come to Dallas and roll in your stash? Ok, ok, how about I just pet it?

    I recommend the Cambridge Jacket in the Summer ’06 IK magazine for Mr. Matty. It has been a fast knit so far.

  6. Teri S. Says:

    Awesome sale and very nice yarn! I particularly like the dark blue. Do the metallic bits make it feel scratchy?

  7. Michelle Says:

    Don’t new yarns make you feel good all over? I have to pet and play with mine and make a center piece for the table so I can keep looking at it.

  8. Julia Says:

    You tricked me! The whole time I’m reading and seeing images of yarn on the side, I thought you were selling it! AHHHHH! I feel ripped off! But I’m glad you had such a good time and I am just a tad curious about the grand total in cash money outlaid.

  9. Amanda Says:

    Oohh, let me know what you do with the touche’. I have some from the ewe too (U2?) and haven’t used it yet because I seem to have lost the pattern I orginally bought the yarn for.

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