Jan 25

dinner in the den

Posted by Nanc

Eating our dinner in the den/TV room isn’t all that new and wonderful, we do this all the time. But yesterday our den got a bit of an upgrade, which makes it special.

Yes, we do have a dining room and table, but we’ve gotten into the bad habit of watching TV while eating. Maybe this will change some day.

Why is today (er, yesterday) special? Because we got a new couch! A big, honkin’ leather sectional that takes up just the perfect amount of room!

Why leather? Well… it just seems to be required in this room. This is our TV room and lounge. With the wet bar and darker walls, this room just cries out “manly den.” (Although with the crying, it’s a bit of a sissy. Ha ha ha)

We have big plans for this room, or at least Matt does. I’ll just sit back and enjoy. There are obvious pieces still needed in here, like art on the walls, cozy throws, and more/different pillows. But it’s slowly coming together. And with this couch, we now have seating for a baseball team, plus coaches. Maybe two on-field soccer teams and the refs.

Okay, that’s weird. I have no idea why we’d have any sports teams in our house. Scratch that. Let’s say the we now have enough seating for a good bunch of knitters. W00t!

The couch comes with two ottomans, which serve as storage and table tops/trays, if needed. We still have our red rocking recliner loveseat, but we don’t know if this’ll stay or get moved some where else. But for now, we’re comfy, cozy, and cushioned on cow.

I also celebrated our new seating arrangements with a showy meal: spaghetti squash lasagna. (Okay, so the name could use some work.) Basically it’s spaghetti squash cooked like normal, but then you use the empty shells and layer sauce, squash, and cheese like a lasagna. Bake 20 minutes for melty goodness, and yum! Served with a tasty salad and ice cold milk.

And no, I did not expect either of us to eat the entire half-squash shell full. But it’s tricky to serve otherwise.

Oh… and the ducks were back this morning.

6 Responses to “dinner in the den”

  1. chris Says:

    Holy cow, that’s a huge honkin’ sofa! I can’t wait to test it out and see how comfy it is!

  2. P-la Says:

    That furniture rocks!! I look forward to knitting on it soon!!! 3 cheers for new furniture!!!
    The food looks delish and I love that sock!

  3. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    THAT COUCH ROCKS!!!!!! and that squash dish looks yummy 🙂 I’ve never had spaghetti squash! 🙂 and you guys are so cute and American…milk w/ your dinner. tee-heee…

  4. Michelle Says:

    Lasagne, couch, and sock are all yummy, and they look so good together. Enjoy them all!

  5. Petra Says:

    YEAH! Great den socks! I see the spot where my butt is going to sit!

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