Jan 30

Mega Boots and stash!

Posted by Nanc

I finished another pair of socks, plus I’ve taken inventory of my sock stash. It’s all good!

The socks that I finished are my Mega Boots socks, first shown here. The yarn has a bit of stretch in it similar to Cascade Fixation (but not quite as stretchy). The color reminds me a great deal of Trekking XXL color 100, although with longer color sections.


  • Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch in color 710
  • Pattern: none; 64 sts worked in 2×2 ribbing for 1″, stockinette leg, basic heel flap and gusset, and star toe
  • Needles: Addi Turbo circs US 1 (2.5mm) 32″
  • Recipient: me
  • Notes: Not much. These socks worked up quickly and I enjoyed the color changes. In fact, those color changes that I enjoyed so much kind of kicked sand in my face by changing up their sequence so that I couldn’t make the pair matchy-matchy, even if I wanted. And again, I’m finding the star toe to be very comfortable.

But on to the other news. You’ve been so polite and patient waiting through my sock details, but I know what you’re really here for: my sock stash count. That number which will either astonish you or admonish you. That will make you feel good about your own stash or envious of mine. Is it monstrous or moderate by comparison? (And which non-knitting muggles — and non-sock knitters — will cringe at.)

drum roll, please


I have enough sock yarn to knit ninety-seven pairs of socks, including four pairs currently on the needles.

So close to 100, but still shy of it. And I am trying to knit up more socks than I buy yarn for. Will I drift farther from my sock centennial as the year progresses? Can I withstand the new sock yarn cravings? Any bets?!

I was able to do this sock yarn round up and concurrent inventory because we have new-to-us furniture for the craft/guest room. (Yes, there’s a full Excel spreadsheet of data on my sock stash.) So while transferring the sock yarns from the old dresser drawers to the new armoire drawers, I took stock. And pictures.

13 Responses to “Mega Boots and stash!”

  1. P-la Says:

    97 is a very respectable number! And I see you breaking 100, sooner rather than later!
    That armoire is freaking awesome!! I’m envious of that!!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Holy crap! Am I allowed to say “crap” here? That is a lot of yarn and a lot of socks. Wow. Still floored.
    In other news, that armoire is gorgeous, and what fabu idea to use it for yarn storage! Love the way the colors look with the wood. I can’t wait for the full reveal.

  3. Jen Da Purse Ho Says:

    OMG you have alot of sock yarn! 97 pairs is quite a feat. (get it..feat? feet? hahaha!) you have some lovely stuff…and me LOVES that armoire!!!

  4. Jen Says:

    Seriously, we have some parallel crafting rooms going on here.
    And this gives ‘wanting to curl up in the sock drawer’ whole new meaning.

  5. aubyn Says:

    that is a very pretty sock stash and i am proud to know you and feel very warm that i am now third or fourth in stash

  6. Petra Says:

    Awesome armoire! That is beautiful! I love that it holds your beatiful sock yarn too. Very cool idea. I also love the new boot socks, and the color of the craft room is nice too. Can you come do my house next?

  7. Kathy Says:

    With my sock yarn stash, I can make…drumroll please….5 pairs!

    So is the armoire a family heirloom? Makes a lovely place to stash a stash.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Woo hoo! If you knit a pair a month, you’ll have it knit up in a mere 8 years and 1 month! (Bet you didn’t know I could do math, too.)

  9. kelp! Says:

    Gasp! That’s a lot of sock yarn. You definitely need to hit triple digits before whittling the stash down.

    What’s that skein 4 down in Drawer 1 – the blue/green and purple/brown one? I want!

  10. mk Says:

    Good Gawd Woman! I have a measley 7-pr-of-socks-worth socks stash.

    Hey! Are you and your friends making plans to come to the DFW FiberFest in April? Should be fun.

    Mary Kay

  11. Teri S. Says:

    97 pairs of socks?! That’s a lot of sock yarn. I’ve got enough sock yarn to knit maybe six pairs, including the socks I have on the needles. I’m not sure that I’ll actually knit 97 pairs of socks in my lifetime!

  12. VaxGirl Says:

    I thought I was bad. That is quite a substantial investment! I probably have enough sock yarn to make 7 or 8 pair. But I also have at least a dozen pair all finished except for weaving in the ends. Some of them have been in the box of shame for 2 years.

  13. Lori Says:

    OOOH! 97 pairs? When I grow up can I be just like you? I think I’m up to 30 or 40!

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