Mar 27


Posted by Nanc

Sock that is. Tiny and cute and such a happy lil’ thing. I made mine and sent it. (Although I admit, a little belatedly.)

I knit up a wee-tiny sock as part of Yarn Miracle’s Wee Sock Swap. I followed a basic sock pattern, but sized down to 18 stitches to accommodate the K2, P1 ribbing I like. But no cheats — this sock is made like it’s full-sized cousin, just wee.

I used the leftovers from my Life Saver Socks, aka the TX State Fair 2nd place ribbon winning socks: Cherry Tree Hill. I’ve misplaced the ball band and have really no idea what colorway this is. (Nothing similar on their site.)

And guess what?! I recieved a wee sock in the mail this Saturday from my pal!

This wee sock made it’s way down from cold Canada to my warmer climes. My pal is Mariza of Knit Picking and she sent it along with a beautiful card.

Even better for you folks playing at home? You can go take a gander at a goodly amount of wee socks in the Flikr wee sock pool! Some knitters even did lace and cabled socks. Ain’t that a wee kicker?

6 Responses to “Wee!”

  1. chris Says:

    EEEEE! That wee-tiny sock is so cute . . . both of them are, actually. As is the pic of Marie — I can’t believe she didn’t model the socklette for you (ha!).

  2. P-la Says:

    Squeee for the Weee!!

  3. Jen da purse ho Says:

    Oooooh weeeeeeeeeee!!

  4. Petra Says:

    So cute and weeeeee! I love the kitty and the wee sock picture… to me it looks like she is saying “seriously?” HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Jen Says:

    So cute! I wish I had seen this swap sooner. I got one of those little sock blockers awhile back and have yet to make a wee sock for it!

  6. Rachel Says:

    Your wee sock is very cute…though I am pretty biased about those lifesaver socks . I’m still building up the courage to cast on my first (normal sized) socks.

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