May 2

Leaving: jet plane

Posted by Nanc

No need for me to paste the lyrics here, right? Y’all know this song well enough without my prodding.

Its time. Chris and I are heading to the airport in less than an hour, and we’re flying to glorious, world renowned Baltimore; City of … ? Well, I’m sure its a city of something fabulous (besides crabs).

This weekend is the infamous (in this house, at least) MSWF. We’re meeting up with a few of our own Texas knitta’s as well as a large pile of northern knitters. Wanna join us? Here’s the deets. (Thanks to Gryphon for organizing.) 1pm Saturday at the Pavillion!

I believe I’m all packed and ready. Anyone know what I will forget? I even have a new pair of socks to show off while I’m there! (Regia Silk socks… purrrr)

I hope to write and update the blog while in Baltimore; I’ve packed the internets just for that reason. (Ha) Oooh… I’m so excited!

3 Responses to “Leaving: jet plane”

  1. Jen da purse ho Says:

    Ooooh u finished the socks!!!

    see u guys in 2 days!!

  2. P-la Says:

    Prepare the city for us!! See you soon!! New socks?!?!? Yay!!!

  3. mk Says:

    Wha?!? No pics of the newest socks? (Asks the girl without a blog and therefore, never pictures of her FOs.)

    Can’t wait to hear about the fun times you will have.