May 21

Did I leave you to believe my next post would be anytime soon? Ha!

Between Ravelry and Flickr, taking pictures of my stash (to upload to Ravelry via Flickr), somewhat surprise guests, and not a lot of wanna-be-on-the-computer time, this doesn’t make for very frequent posts. In fact, if it weren’t for my boredom at werk, I doubt that I’d be posting at all.

You can read some great stories about our days at the MSWF here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I don’t really think that I could add to these lovely knitters’ descriptions. It was two great, fun-filled days. The weather was nice. (Warm on Saturday and cooler on Sunday, same as last year.) Yarn and more was bought. Fun was had. You get it, right?

We didn’t spend much time with the animals, instead focusing our energies on the end products and tasty treats. (Occasionally, one and the same.) The Squid was a joy both days, sometimes having more patience than the knitters.

Sunday, we arrived for the last hour of the Sheep-to-Shawl action and were able to enjoy lunch before the results. Last year, there were more teams competing and all the shawls were very close in style and color. Not so this year! There were only four teams, and each shawl was different than the next. But they were all beautiful.

I’ll post pix of my haul… well, when I get a chance.

7 Responses to “Two days of MSWF, and loving it!”

  1. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    omg i love that pic of pla and the squid! it’s so c ute!!!!!

  2. P-la Says:

    Oh my gosh those pictures were great! I actually laughed out loud! Thanks so much for sharing, you know I’m gonna ask for them, right?
    And how did you manage to get pictures of Bot-Gurl without her giving the one finger salute?!?!

  3. chris Says:

    Ohhhhh, great pix! Mine were all lame . . . I bow to the greatness of your photo-taking skillz! You even managed to maybe get one of me NOT looking ‘tarded. Maybe one.

  4. Petra Says:

    OhmyGAWD! I lovelovelove the Reservoir Dogs! Beautiful. P-la and the Squid is one that needs to be a framed 5X7!

  5. Petra Says:

    OhmyGAWD! I lovelovelove the Reservoir Dogs! Beautiful. P-la and the Squid is one that needs to be a framed 5X7!

  6. charisse Says:

    Hey you ……
    im so sorry i missed you guys this year, as you know ive been so busy these past few
    looks like you had a lot of fun, i hope to make it next year……. before we move out to Arizona…
    talk soon

  7. Teri S. Says:

    Great pictures! Especially the Squid pics. I think I’m going to go on Sunday next year. Or maybe I’ll go both days. Or maybe I’ll take the 4-day spinning class (assuming they have it again) and get way overloaded!